Brand Focus – 3T


Heralding from the heartlands of bicycle production, Bergamo in Italy, 3T began in 1961. Originaly 3TTT (Tecnologia del Tubo Turino) they produced handlebars, stems and seatposts, initially in steel, before switching production to aluminium in 1970. Seen as one of the classic handlebar and stem producers along with the likes of Cinelli, 3T oozed Italian style and was at the top of their game through the 80’s and 90’s.

Ground-Breaking Bikes

In 2007 the company was taken over and a new direction for the business saw them reborn and becoming renowned for carbon fibre components as well as aluminium. With Gerard Vroomen (co-founder of Cervelo and Open) working closely with 3T, they produced the Funda road bike forks before launching the Exploro gravel bike as well as the Strada aero road bike which featured 1X transmission. The Strada was followed by the Strada Duo which offered 2X transmission as an alternative for those who prefer the traditional road drivetrain. Updates of the Strada and Exploro followed in the subsequent years, these further reinforced 3T’s reputation for producing innovative and grand-breaking bikes.

Perfect Fit

The 3T range of handlebars, stems and seatposts offer a wide degree of personalisation for everyone, from aero-racer to those looking for more comfort on their rides. All 3T products are manufactured to very high standards and are designed to complement other 3T components.

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