Italian brand 3T, originally called ‘Turin Tube Technology’ and was founded in the 1960’s and originally produced handlebars and stems for racing cyclists. Read a more indepth blog on the history of 3T here. Starting out with steel, 3T then mastered working with aluminium alloys before moving on to carbon fibre components more recently. 3T now produce a wide range of super-light, strong carbon components as well as aluminium. Handlebars, stems and seatposts are available in a wide range of widths, lengths, rises and lay-backs, to enable you to find your most comfortable riding position on road or gravel.

3T produce innovative framesets and road bikes, including their cutting-edge, super-aero 3T Strada and Strada Due road bikes. The Strada gave a 1X option for road riders for the first time, as well as an extremely aerodynamic frame design. The Strada Due came with 2X transmission, ideal for riders prefering the traditional drivetrain set-up.