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    Road Bikes

    It's not all just about head-down race bikes in the road bike market these days. There are plenty of models more suited to the sort of real-world weekend riding that we all get up to. Don't get us wrong, racing is still very much the proving ground and the R&D department for new components and materials. It's just that these days bike manufacturers have realised that not all of us want to spring our lungs out down in the drops al the time. Most of us just want to glide along, ahve fun and put in the odd attack session now and again. Sportive events have been a massive influence in how recent road bikes have changed and developed. Sportive riders still want lightweight bikes with high performance components but they also want to be able to walk the next day. Whether you want a full-on race bike or a more sedate sportive machine - or maybe something that can turn its hand to pretty much anything - you'll find a bike at Merlin Cycles for you.