1. Mountain Bikes

    Mountain Bikes

    The variety of mountain bikes these days is huge. It can be confusing but it does ensure that there'll be a perfect MTB for you here amongst this lot.
  2. Road Bikes

    Road Bikes

    Road bikes are more than just all-out race machines these days. Race bikes are still a big sector but the new breed of high-performance high-mileage bikes for sportives and regular weekend fun riding are increasingly popular too.
  3. Cyclocross Bikes

    Cyclocross Bikes

    The lovechild of a road bike and a mountain bike. Drop bars and skinny wheels but also knobbly tyres and disc brakes. CX bikes have been around for decades but have only recently become genuinely mainstream.
  4. Time Trial Bikes / Triathlon Bikes

    Time Trial Bikes / Triathlon Bikes

    These bikes are all about beating wind resistance whilst keeping within the UCI's laws. Deep section rims. Funky frame shapes. Aerodynamics is everything and we're currently living the golden age of the aero bike. Affordable. amazing, air slicers.
  5. Commuter & Urban Bikes

    Commuter & Urban Bikes

    More and more of us our choosing to leave the car behind and use pedal power instead. These bikes help reduce the stress of getting to work or around town.
  6. Kids Bikes

    Kids Bikes

    We have bikes for all kids aged around two years old and upwards. Brilliant beginner balance bikes through to scaled down cyclocross bikes and even full suspension mountain bikes.
  7. Electric Bikes

    Electric Bikes

    Electric power-assist bikes. Hybrids, commuting bikes and mountain bikes.
New Category Information

The modern boom in cycling has seen some stunning bikes being produced. There has never been a better time to get yourself a new bike. It doesn't have to be a megabucks carbon bike, there's plenty of affordable amazing bikes available. If you've not bought a bike for a while then you're in for a real surprise. A very pleasant surprise. High end frame materials are common place. Powerful and reliable brakes come as standard. Gearing systems that are easy to use and don't go out of whack all the time. Wheels that are stiff, strong and still light.