Brand Focus – Bicycle Line

Established in Italy, in 1987, by Gastone Coghetto, Bicycle Line produce stylish clothing with a focus on functionality. After many years of experience in the cycling sector, Gastone Coghetto founded Bicycle Line s.r.l., a dynamic and ambitious company in the heartlands of European cycling. With this in mind, an important logo is conceived, a lion, emblem of the enthusiasm and strength that its creators wanted to impart to their every action. Fluorescent colors are used to underline that it was a stable and balanced project but projected to the future, open to the world and ready for any type of challenge. The word “sportswear” was added to the company name


1987 is the year in which Bicycle Line was established to provide cycling apparel to the world, building a rich history within the sector upon the passion and experience of its founder, Gastone Coghetto, who, in just a few years, grew the company to become the key market player it is today. Over the years, his children have continued his work, in particular working to break into global markets as well as to modernize the company’s production processes.


The search for new fabrics and technologies, being open to seeing cycling and other outdoor activities in new ways, and the continuous development of new garments to meet the needs of the market in terms of their fit, details and look, are the key strengths that have put the company where it is today.


The vertical integration adopted within the company facilitates the development of projects, starting from the R&D department before passing through the cutting, printing and prototyping departments. In so doing, each BL product embodies and conveys the company’s core values, namely quality, attention to detail and Italian style.

In choosing BL, it means you firmly believe in the Italian textile industry and its excellence in terms of creativity and innovation. To implement our projects, and to ensure they are underpinned by the highest levels of craftsmanship and innovation, we surround ourselves with partners who are national leaders in their respective sectors.

Over the years the logo has been stylized and revised to follow market trends and make the image more suitable for an international audience

2017 was the turning point in terms of branding. The company’s 30th anniversary marks the maturity of a solid, modern and reliable international brand: BL. A circle encloses the initials, symbolizes the beginning and the end, and concludes a process of evolution, growth and consolidation in the sportswear market.

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