Brand Focus – Bosch

German brand Bosch was established back in 1886 by Robert Bosch. Where mechanical and electrical came together was the area in which Bosch excelled. Early telephone systems with electric bells got Bosch started. However, in 1897 things really took off when they developed the technology and components which the burgeoning automobile industry needed. 1902 saw rapid technological advancement of high voltage magneto ignition working with spark plugs. These advancements along with other new technology, such as lighting, starter motors and horns, would mean that Bosch would become a major leading worldwide automotive supplier, just as the industry was in it’s infancy.

Niner RLT E9 E-Bike – Featuring Bosch Gen 4 Performance Line CX Ebike system

Diverse Manufacturing

Today, Bosch manufacture an absolutely unmatched range of products for use in everyday life. These include; home appliances such as fridges, dish washers and vacuum cleaners. They also manufacture workshop power tools, gardening tools, heating and cooling systems, smart home technology devices as well as components for the latest electric cars.. However, more importantly for us, they are the world leader in Ebike systems. Bosch Ebike systems have been equipping Ebikes with powerful drive systems since 2011. More often than not, Bosch are the ‘go-to’ brand for big brand bike manufacturers when they are sourcing reliable and powerful Ebike components. The latest Bosch power air pumps (see below) can also save time and effort for the home mechanic.

Service & Spares

As well as supplying bike manufacturers, Bosch supply a wide range of accessories and replacement parts including batteries. In addition, Bosch Certified Technicians (we have htem here at Merlin) are specifically trained mechanics qualified to work on your Bosch powered bike. They have the necessary skills and knowledge, through being trained by Bosch, to maximise your E-bike’s life.

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Bosch Power Tube 400 Verticle Battery