Autumn 2021 Road Wear

Sweltering one day, baltic the next – with its unpredictable temperatures and often very variable ride conditions, autumn can be a real mixed-bag and, let’s face it, a bit of a nightmare to choose the right clothing. Follow our autumn clothing accessory tips, and check out our recommended products for when the weather doesn’t know if it’s Arthur or Marthur.

Long Shorts / Short Longs

Whether you think of long shorts or short longs, 3/4 bibs are ideal for straddling the gap between winter and summer. Great for autumn too. 3/4 bibs were first made popular in 1991 by dutch pro rider, Edwig Van Hooydonck, who won the Tour of Flanders in a pair. They are also ideal for getting an autumn ‘Belgian tan’ – brown lower legs from the road filth.

Cover Your Bases

Base Layers are awesome, their primary job is to keep you dry when sweating by wicking moisture away from your skin. Pick the right base layer for the conditions and you will be warm enough without getting a chill from being too sweaty. If you are planning a long ride with a food stop, take a rolled-up spare base layer, swap when you stop, and stay fresh and dry.

Check out our base layers here

Jersey v Jacket v Gilet

One of the key questions for spring kit. Down to your own judgement, do you prefer to be on the warmer side or colder end of the spectrum? Hedge your bets by wearing a gilet or lightweight over jacket? Here’s our picks of some of the best jackets, long sleeve jerseys and gilets.


Now, gloves in springtime is another big question. If the weather is dry and not too cold, you may well get by with your summer finger-less mitts. If the weather is cooler or wet, you may well feel the need to cover up the digits.

Over Shoes

Nothing gives you ‘cold feet’ about riding more than the thought of… cold feet. Banish cold feet with light overshoes or over-socks. Spring weather shouldn’t be too cold, a lightweight set of overshoes should do the trick.

Put a Lid on It

Under helmet wear is pretty important all year round. However, when the spring chill sets in, or wet / windy rides become regular, they are vital. If you are planning a cafe stop, take a spare cap – avoid having to re-use a sweaty one…

Sock it to ’em

Warmer socks make a world of difference. Keeping your toes warm is vital if you are to enjoy your ride (and not moan about cold feet to your ride mates.) For the ultimate protection on a chilly morning try winter socks with overshoes. Toasty.

Tyred & Deflated

Whilst not actually clothing, here’s a top tip for autumn. Tyres with puncture protection a great idea to combat all the extra debris on the road. Thorns, twigs, branches and all the other random stuff that find their way onto the road require a tougher tyre to keep you rolling.

Autumn Off Road?

Autumn is a great time to hit the gravel tracks & green lanes dotted around the UK. Autumn leaf colours will definitely brighten your ride. Our latest stock of Gravel Bikes and are proving a big hit with our customers, check out our range here.