Cycling clothing covers the broad range of bike riding styles and the equally broad range of weather conditions which we regularly ride in. Clothing can be windproof, waterproof, thermal or UV blocking, are you covered for all-seasons? Our range of cycling clothing comes from world leading manufacturers, including Castelli, Altura, Northwave, Endura and Troy Lee Designs. Some clothing designs have limited seasonal supply, once they are gone, they are gone.


  1. Short Sleeved Cycling Jerseys

    Short Sleeved Cycling Jerseys

  2. Long Sleeved Cycling Jerseys

    Long Sleeved Cycling Jerseys

  3. Cycling Bib Shorts

    Cycling Bib Shorts

  4. Cycling Shorts

    Cycling Shorts

  5. 3/4 Length Shorts

    3/4 Length Shorts

  6. Cycling Bib Tights & Trousers

    Cycling Bib Tights & Trousers

  7. Cycling Jackets

    Cycling Jackets

  8. Cycling Gilets

    Cycling Gilets

  9. Cycling Base Layers

    Cycling Base Layers

  10. Cycling Socks

    Cycling Socks

  11. Cycling Gloves & Mitts

    Cycling Gloves & Mitts

  12. Arm, Leg And Knee Warmers

    Arm, Leg And Knee Warmers

  13. Cycling Headwear

    Cycling Headwear

  14. Compression


    Compression clothing helps to increasing your performance and help reduce muscle fatigue, avoid muscle pain and injuries and recover efficiently.
  15. High Visibility Safety Clothing

    High Visibility Safety Clothing

  16. Cycling Skin Suits / Tri Suits

    Cycling Skin Suits / Tri Suits

  17. Kids Cycling Clothing

    Kids Cycling Clothing

  18. MTB Body Armour

    MTB Body Armour

  19. Clothing Care

    Clothing Care

    Protection for your technical cycling clothing, our range of specialist sports wear detergents and protectors are just the ticket!