Loose clothing for MTB riders to help with a larger range of movement. Tight lycra for road cyclists improving looks and performance. Waterproof jackets and pants for the commuter who wants to get to work dry.

  1. Short Sleeved Jerseys

    Short Sleeved Cycling Jerseys

    Short sleeved cycling jerseys are designed to fit comfortably in a riding position. Sweat wicking properties and short sleeves keep the rider cool and dry riding any distance.
  2. Long Sleeved Jerseys

    Long Sleeved Cycling Jerseys

    Long sleeved jerseys are designed to keep you warm on those cool windy days. Sweat wicking properties and a rider specific shape to keep you comfortable when riding.
  3. Bib Shorts

    Cycling Bib Shorts

    A pair of bib shorts with a padded chamois will make riding long distance a lot more pleasant. Over the shoulder straps to eliminate an uncomfortable waist band.
  4. Shorts

    Cycling Shorts

    There’s nothing screams louder that you’re a cyclist than a pair of lycra shorts. Although they all look the same there are many subtle differences so have a thorough delve.
  5. 3/4 Length Shorts

    3/4 Length Shorts

    Three quarter length shorts - or bib knickers - fill in the gaps for cyclists around spring and autumn, when it’s too cold to wear shorts but too warm to wear tights.
  6. Bib Tights & Trousers

    Cycling Bib Tights & Trousers

    Designed for those nippy days, bib tights provide full leg snugness. When it’s really wet a pair of waterproof trousers are ideal for muddy trails or commuting.
  7. Jackets

    Cycling Jackets

    Slim fitting, performance cut for road riding. Weatherproof jackets for out on the trails. Bright, visible jacket for commuting. We'll have a jacket to suit you here.
  8. Cycling Gillets

    Cycling Gilets

    Gilets help to keep you warm when it’s nippy out. They give you an extra layer which can be easily removed to control your temperature.
  9. Cycling Baselayers

    Cycling Base Layers

    Designed to keep you warm and dry. Sweat wicking material lifts moisture from your skin to keep you warm and comfortable throughout your ride.
  10. Cycling Socks

    Cycling Socks

    There’s not much worse than having cold, wet feet spoiling your ride. A good pair of thermal or waterproof socks can make all the difference between a good and bad ride.
  11. Cycling Gloves & Mitts

    Cycling Gloves & Mitts

    Designed to protect your hands from wind chill, full finger gloves keep your hands warm and comfortable during your ride. Mitts keep your fingers cool in warmer weather.
  12. Cycling Arm, Leg & Knee Warmers

    Arm, Leg And Knee Warmers

    A vital accessory in cooler weather. A quick fix to cool mornings and warm afternoons. Easy to take off and store in a jersey or pack, they allow you to adapt to changes in temperature.
  13. Cycling Headwear

    Cycling Headwear

    You lose heat from your extremities very quickly. Keeping your head warm and dry is essential when it’s cold outside.
  14. High Visibility Safety Clothing

  15. Cycling Skin Suits

    Cycling Skin Suits

    Triathlon specific skin suits. One piece aero suits for time trial riders too. The idea of these super cling garments where the shorts and jersey are combined into a single item.
  16. Childrens Clothing

    Kids Cycling Clothing

    Adult style clothing for smaller bodies. Designed to keep children comfortable and protected when out learning to ride.
  17. Cycling Body Armour

    MTB Body Armour

    Lightweight protection of your vulnerable areas. Utilising comfortable materials to reduce the bulky feel of wearing armour.
  18. Sports Clothing Care

    Clothing Care

    Protection for your technical cycling clothing, our range of specialist sports wear detergents and protectors are just the ticket!