Brand Focus – Controltech

The late 1980s were the early days of the mountain bike boom in the US and the UK There were lots of manufacturing businesses which started their journey in the worldwide bike industry at this time, US based brand, Controltech were one of those businesses.

Bar End Bonanza

The Mountain Bike boom was fertile ground for those looking to improve on and offer fresh solutions for improving the relatively basic bike technology of the time. One area which flourished was bar-ends. Mountain bikes tended to come fitted with flat handlebars, bar-ends added another hand grip option. At the time the bar-end market was massive. There were lots of alternative lengths, angles, shapes and colours to keep even the fussiest mountain biker happy. Controltech manufacturing gained a reputation for crafting light, strong and cleverly-designed bicycle components from a range of high-spec alloys.

Material Choice

Controltech specialise in handlbars, stems, seatposts and other related products. While the majority of components are produced in aluminium, they have also pushed forwards with other materials over the years, including Scandium, Titanium, Carbon Fibre. The brand focus on three core areas: Road, Mountain Bike and Triathlon / Time Trial. Below are the overviews of how they address the demands of producing products in each core area;

Road Products

Controltech products address the three biggest issues. Firstly, low weight, for the fastest responses and superior performance; high stiffness, for the most efficient power transfer and accurate handling; and engineered-in compliance, to reduce rider fatigue and increase comfort. Aerodynamics are also key, whatever material we work with: and with titanium, aerospace aluminium and carbon fibre in our armoury, we create the ultimate components for every rider, use and budget. In fact, our superlight road components are so strong and rugged they’re suitable for cyclocross use too.

Mountain Bike Products

Weight and stiffness count, but strength is a huge factor off road. Controltech are constantly pushing forwards with modern designs to suit modern bikes. These include wide bars for big-leverage control, flat bars to lower big-wheel front ends, short stems for long, slack frames. Our 35mm bars and stems offer huge strength with almost no weight penalty, while dedicated 1x cranksets trail-proof any bike. The same care and development goes into our traditional XC products: a considered mix of premium titanium, aerospace aluminium and carbon fibre. These ensure ultimate strength, longevity and performance.

Triathlon / Time Trial Products

Aerodynamics are key, as is a riding position that gives the quads an easier time in preparation for the run phase. Component stiffness is also vital, for the raw, efficient power transfer and snappy handling solo stage cycling requires. We know low weight and a carefully-controlled level of buzz-damping compliance reduces rider fatigue and increases comfort – it’s why we only use premium grade materials such as carbon fibre, aerospace grade aluminium alloy and titanium. They’re the best at giving multi-sport and TT athletes what you need to win.

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