Brand Focus – A2Z

The brand A2Z is the brainchild of a group of hard-core cyclists. They have been designing and manufacturing components and accessories for disc brake systems since 1998. This was when disc brakes began to dominate the MTB market. Unsatisfied with the performance of off-the-shelf parts, this group of riders pooled together their creative talent and technical expertise. They developed a range of innovative components and accessories engineered specifically for disc brake systems.

Disc Development

Initially only for the MTB market, the last few years have seen road and gravel bikes fully utilising disc brake systems. While this delivers brake performance to a whole new level, it also created a whole new set of problems. There was a dizzying array of different mounting standards, rotor sizes, brake performance. This led to a range of compatibility issues. A2Z Design and Development aimed to change all that by offering a complete line of components and accessories. The A2Z range originally aimed to solve disc brake problems.

High Quality

The mission of A2Z Design and Development is to provide the most complete solutions for all disc brake compatibility problems with high quality products, designed to perform whilst also being reliable. All products have been designed and tested by riders that demand the best out of their equipment. A2Z know you will be satisfied with theirquality and performance, the team at A2Z are bike riders too, they are happy when products meet the high standards which they demand.

Rotor Options

One area where A2Z have excelled is in disc rotors. The brands’ Teppen Yaki range of rotors are named after a style of cooking popular in Japan, which uses a hot metal plate. The range of rotors include the SP5 which are light weighing in just under 100 grams for the 160mm rotor, the SP5 have 24 5 out of 5 reviews from our customers. The SP5’s come in several colour options and are great at keeping cool whilst helping provide powerful consistent braking.

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