Brand Focus – SunRace

Who are SunRace?

SunRace products are specified by many of the world’s leading bicycle manufacturers and are also sold extensively in the aftermarket. Alongside the catalogue range, they also use their R&D expertise in co-operation with bike manufacturers, to create customised products. SunRace has developed into being a major player in the bike industry.

Since ’72

SunRace originated in Taiwan in 1972, initially they provided entry-level products particularly to North and South America. The boom in sales of mountain bikes resulted in rapid expansion for the company. At the end of the 1990’s it had become clear to the brand that further growth could only come from higher level components and so commenced the process of taking the product range more up-market.

SunRace gave the bicycle industry another option. They developed premium drivetrain components for every kind of bicycle. The brand also care about the environment whilst manufacturing their products. The brand also differentiate themselves by caring about customers, and try to distinguish themselves in the market by being their best manufacturing partner and offering consistently outstanding service.

As well as caring for the environment, the brand also wants to make a contribution to society by actively promoting cycling as an environmental friendly way of commuting and as a leisure activity. They plan help facilitate this goal is by developing and selling bicycle components that offer great value for money and are suitable for any kind of ride.

Sturmey Archer

The brands’ ever improving quality and broadening market horizons accelerated after internal hub gear supplier Sturmey-Archer was purchased in 2000. Sturmey-Archer was first established in England in 1902 when they invented the 3-speed internal gear hub. The purchase of Sturmey-Archer meant that SunRace had a strong foothold in Europe with their sales and distribution set-up already established in the Netherlands. Supplying the European market demanded even higher level specifications resulting in large investments in engineering and Research and Development.

For more than 100 years, Sturmey-Archer has been a pioneer in the design of internal gear hubs, hub brakes and dynamo lighting, but in earlier years they also produced gearboxes and engines for motorcycles. This is a history of progressive research and development which has made cycling easier and safer. After the takeover by SunRace and the moving of production to Taiwan in 2000 access to better technology improved, resulting in many design and quality improvements. High quality, design, research and development are now the cornerstones of the company.


Nowadays SunRace is specified by the world’s leading bicycle manufacturers and worldwide and is available as an alternative option to the longer established brands. Today SunRace has become the choice for bike riders who are looking for excellent value for money combined with high quality.

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