SunRace Rear Derailleur Extender Link
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SunRace Rear Derailleur Extender Link
Code: 5029
SunRace Rear Derailleur Extender Link
The SunRace rear derailleur extender link fits onto your existing hanger to extending it so that you can use of much larger cassettes. Compatible with single chainring drivetrain and ideal for your gravel bike setup.
Alloy extended link enables standard rear derailleurs to be used with wide ratio cassettes
AndrewGreat price compared to other extender links and really helped the shifting on my Sunrace 11-50/SLX M7000 setup.
alistairWorks like a charm. Unscrewed rear mech, attached extender link, attached rear mech to extender link and with a bit of tweaking of the indexing, away we go! Didn't even have to lengthen the chain going from a 28 to 34 biggest rear cog! Come on you hills, I'm not afraid of you now!
Chris in VanInstalled this and fitted a 105 mech to an 11-42 11sp cassette on my gravel conversion. Works a charm.
JimGood item! Just the job for the 34T cassette. Delivery was really quick too.
Mr KONSTANTINIDISExcellent product. Very useful for short derailleurs.
TCI thought I'd need this going from 42 to 46 on the cassette but in the end my mech coped. I will keep it in case I go to 50t later on !
GeorgeVExcellent little thing for using old style derailleur on wide range cassettes
WilliamFirst time I’ve used an extension link and this one was perfect and so simple to fit. Excellent value.
Richard FGreat value., works well. I used it to mount a 9s MTB derailleur in place of a short cage 10s Ultegra mech, allowing me to run an 11-36 cassette. Without this, I needed to reverse the B-screw and it was still very noisy. Now, peace has returned!
CasDoes its job. Allows me to run a 34 rear cassette on my cx bike with 105 der.
Stevie_AWorks very well, saved me from buying a long cage Di2 derailleur. Simple to fit, a slight gear tune and done
Cheese FriesGreat for road bike to use up to 40t to climb hills
Mr yazidSomething you need if you want to put a 40-cassette on a road bike without breaking the bank.
Mr PowellA clever and relatively inexpensive little thing that's allowed me to run a short cage 105 mech with a larger ratio cassette than previously. No more growling as the lack of clearance between the largest sprocket on the cassette and the jockey wheel means everything binds together, brilliant! Took about 2 minutes to fit (no need to change anything, just remove the mech, bolt this in place, bolt the mech on to it and feel smug.