1. Bike Locks & Security

    Bike Locks & Security

    D-locks or U-Locks for a great balance of security and portability. Ground anchors and heavy duty link chains for peace of mind at home.
  2. Bicycle Mirrors

    Bicycle Mirrors

    It's behind you! A range of practical and easy to install on-bike mirrors for the commuter or tourer who encounters plenty of traffic.
  3. Bicycle Bells & Horns

    Bicycle Bells & Horns

    Oft-derided but still of good use, a bicycle bell can take many forms. From electronic mega-blasters through to retro-styled loud brass dingers.
  4. Bicycle Mudguards

    Bicycle Mudguards

    Clip-on mudguards and rack-mounted shrouds. Mudguards are better looking than they've ever been so maybe it's time you tried a new set.
  5. Gear Hangers

    Gear Hangers

    Replacement mech hangers for Sensa MTBs and road bikes and our own Merlin brand bikes too.
  6. Bike Frame Protectors

    Bike Frame Protectors

    Stick-on frame panels, chainstay protectors, anti-cable rub widgets and many other little tricks to keep your bike looking its bet.
  7. Embrocation & Chamois Creme

    Embrocation & Chamois Creme

    Chamois cream is one of cycling's best kept secrets. But did you know about all these other lotions and potions?