Muc-Off Athlete Performance Chamois Cream
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Muc-Off Athlete Performance Chamois CreamMuc-Off Athlete Performance Chamois Cream
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Muc-Off Athlete Performance Chamois Cream
Saddle Sores? It happens to the best of us. That’s why Muc-Off decided it was time to develop the ultimate, high-performance Chamois Cream. Specifically formulated to deeply moisturise your skin for total riding comfort and protection, over long distances, in all conditions.
Muc-Off's luxury formula is enriched with Provitamins, uses natural ingredients and creates a mild cooling effect for total riding comfort. Designed to form a protective barrier to help prevent skin damage on sensitive areas, it’s also anti-bacterial, and ideal for all riding styles from hard fought classics through to long sportives, whether on the road or on a trail!
The Muc-Off R&D team looked at every way to improve rider experience and worked closely with pro teams to bring you the latest addition to the Athlete Performance range. Deliberately excluding nasty parabens and toxins, Muc-Off have also made sure the formula is infused with essential Provitamin moisturisers to help create that long lasting hydrated feeling on your skin.
  • Anti Bacterial - Kills 99% of germs
  • Does not contain any materials that are prohibited by WADA
  • Extreme Skin Lubricant naturally reduces the friction of your skin
  • Free from Parabens and formaldehyde
  • Luxury formulation, deeply moisturising for total riding comfort
  • Enriched with natural Aloe Vera, Witch Hazel, Shea Butter and Sunflower Oil
  • Contains Provitamins
  • Has a mild cooling function
Buz Cheva My go to chamois cream. Smells lovely and does the job its supposed to do.
Mr Fussell Amazingly good
Mr Nardo Jr been using these, always amazed
Mr Fernandez first time I’ve tried and its really makes a difference and it’s from muc off
Steve I find this very good Chamios Cream and is good value in this size tub.
Mr Leslie The best Chamois creme there is, I have tried a few, great price too
Mr Naylor I love the smell and the how this feels over other products. Seems to last a bit longer than others too.
Daniel Good quality chamois cream👍
DEL This is the first time I have used this product. I have used a number of different chamois creams including high end brands such as Assos. This one is the best of the bunch though and the one I will continue to use from here on in. A first class product.
Mick Roberts Great smelling this & non greasy & not messy.
Antony Best chamois cream out there
Michael Great product, has helped with saddle sores. Being fairly new to cycling, I've found Merlin to always be reliable, quick and very competitively priced.
Geoff My second tub.
Mr Jakobsson It makes the job. Long rides doesn’t hurt anymore.
Mr turner My 'go-to' chamois cream at a good price through Merlin,
Stelios tried a few chamois creams. best one yet so i'm going to stick with this one
Mr Comfy Cheeks A great chamois cream that lasts for hours and feels extremely comfortable. Product was delivered fast and was cheaper than most other online sellers. Will be ordering again.
Mr Harrison This is my third tub of this stuff. It does what you would expect. Smells OK. No chaffing.
Dave This cream is simply AWESOME.. Great price for a genuinely great product. Tried other makes but this is the best.
Andrew After trying loads of different chamois creams (including everyone’s favourite, Assos) I still keep coming back to this. From small 20milers to 200 + this stuff just works.
Mick Roberts Great chamois cream this. Great smell, not messy either.
Mr Armes Won't use any other chamois cream, best out there.
Bugboy Helps keep me in the saddle without discomfort. Does exactly what you think it should.
Mr Lawrence Have tried other creams but always return to Muc Off when I can find it at a good price. Excellent service from Merlin as ever.
Paulius Works as it should and I found that I don't need as much to get the same results as with other chamois creams, so it's pretty good value as well.
Mr Koay Been using this for a while and really works!
Mr Terry Not cheap but to my mind the best chamois cream there is
Greg Excellent chamois cream. Good consistency. Lasts well including all day 300Km rides
Gordon I’ve been putting in some mammoth lock down Kms, very happy with this product.
BCR Love this cream. Smells amazing, works very well and is the right consistency. This works better for me than some popular brands.
Mr Logan A bit thinner than the Assos cream and so much better value.
KW72 Great chamois cream that helps prevent any irritation to the nether regions, smells nice too!
Mr Alobeidli First time trying this cream and its great
nick Fantastic Cream, been using it for a couple of years and love it.
Ian McNaughton Well priced and well performing chamois cream always an essential on any ride for me - fast delivery and well packaged.
Mr Dawson Good product. Have used for several 100km plus rides and so far no issues. Pleasant smelling, washes out of nicks easily.
ep this would be my 3rd bottle. ;)
Mr Wilson One of the better chamois creams I have used.
Darren Works a treat and has a refreshing feel! I've sat on this for a while now and would struggle to use anything else!
Chris I have been using this product for training and in TT racing for the past 4 years and find it excellent.
GRD Have used this Chamois cream for some time now. Would highly recommend
MJG Best product out there. Tried all the leading brands and found this to be the easiest to apply and best performing. Smells nice too.
Barry Bought as a replacement for an empty pot of the same. I've used this for rides up to 100 miles with no adverse effects, so recommended. There's a temporary, slightly warm or tingly sensation a few moments after application but this soon fades (and isn't a concern for me). Not too greasy so washes off quite easily in the shower.
Michael Best cream out there I think. Not too thick or thin. Works well.
Mr LEE Eeduces saddle pain for a long riding. Good product.
Steve Best cream I’ve used for the prevention of the dreaded saddle sores. Will buy again and again!
Mr coyle a must for any long distance ride
ROGER V. Smooth and cool, every rider need it especially in long rides.
Mr Koay Very smooth and it has a slight cooling effect
Chris So hard to find a good chamois cream... finally found one.
Michael Does what it says on the tin. No chafing.
Mervyn The best out there. Very soild consistency and with no drip, so less mess and stays exactly where you put it. Lasts for ages too.
Dr K No damage at all when riding over 200km and 10hrs ridding. Just like a heaven in the long distance ridding.
Dr panyavaranant I have experienced with ASSOS, DHB, Chamois Butt and Muc-Off is one of the best from my opinion. The cream has proper density and coconut smell.
colin Pleasantly surprised how big the container is. Have only used for short ride so far but so far so Good
Mr Powell Just right. Not too thick, not too runny, seems to last for several hours without needing to reapply, vaguely pleasant smell (don't know why that matters, but it does)
RAY D Best value cream around imo 3 cyclists in the house so we get through a fair amount between us
Mr Chiu My favorite chamois cream for years.
Andrew My go to chamois cream. Before using muc off I used to use Assos but I find this far better, especially on longer (80mile plus) rides
Mr Grant Good consistency, seems to last for me for about 2-3 hour rides.
Stuart Great value compared to other creams and smells nice. Find it tends to lose effectiveness on 50+ plus rides compared to the more expensive 'Swiss brand' but for other rides it's perfectly usable.
Stuart Works really well for rides 50 miles and less for me as I find it tends to dry out over that and just using more feels too wet - perfect for training. Smells lovely, vanillaesque, a far better value than the Assos stuff I also use.
Mr Molloy Excellent product have tried numerous others, non have preformed as well as this product
Colin Great price, good quality chamois cream
Gary Really good cream - second tub...
Mr Rodman On a par with Assos chamois cream. Great product and smells fantastic. Does its job on 100kms+ rides without re application and lasts in the heat. Non greasy and easy to wash off clothing and skin.
Ewan P Have done a lot of trialling to find the most effective butt cream and in my opinion this is it. Pretty good value too as the tub is among the largest around and the cream goes a long way. Maintains the high standard of many Muc- Off products I have used.
Mr Crowe Smells good and works as it should. Good for 3 to 4 hours at least. Great if you don't like "Euro" style cremes.