Chamois Butt'r 9ml Sachet
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Chamois Butt'r 9ml Sachet
Chamois Butt'r 9ml Sachet - All the goodness of the USA's favourite chamois cream in a sample sized pack.

Chamois Butt'r prevents the uncomfortable rubbing and chafing that most cyclists experience when sitting on their saddles. Chamois Butt'r is a non-greasy skin lubricant that improves riding comfort. It washes off your skin and out of your shorts easily with soap and water! Chamois Butt'r leaves your skin feeling better after you use it.
To apply Chamois Butt'r: Put 1/6 to 1/3 ounce of Chamois Butt'r either on your skin or on the pad of your shorts before you put your shorts on. It's your preference, the Chamois Butt'r ends up in the same place either way!

Ms unwinGreat stuff in handy small packets
Mr RomeGreat for a long ride if you need to top up
Mr RomeGreat for longer rides where you might need to top up on cream
BCRConvenient for travel.
Eugen EuuVery practical for weight when you go on a short light expedition after not riding so much and you need your "magic cream" but don't want to carry the whole box.
MarvinGodsend for those 100+ km rides.
Karen SGreat price and love the small size to take along on long rides.
RPGreat size to take on really long rides and re-apply mid-ride...
DomenicoAfter ordering the jar, I thought I'd invest in these small sachets when I'm on long long rides, to know you can keep riding and know you protected against rub and potential saddle sores makes this product a winner
Mr St-MartinGreat price as usual from Merlin. Does a very good job to keep your personal parts great even after long rides! Smart size for quick help while on the ride!
Rob KLove a handy package to reapply on long rides. Anything beats pad rash
Kyuenlove the packaging very much and convenient to bring for longer ride! Bye bye saddle sore!
BakerGreat product to stash in your bag for long rides
WychVery useful on longer rides to stop any chafing or soreness. Feels cool, keeps you lubed up and you can fit a couple into your jersey pocket
Miss WheatleyI purchased these for the Manchester to London ride to use during the event. A great product would recommend.
Mr KirkExtremely handy size easily carried with you on longer bike journeys for a wee top up when needed.
Bikeboy29Bought these sachets to take on holiday and cut down on the packing, but also a good way to check if this is the cream for you. Just about enough for one application. The cream is quite thick, so not the easiest to apply evenly, but does the job.
Mr mcdiarmidHandy for long days in the saddle - a wee sachet in the back pocket can save a big pain in the back side