Brand Focus – Craft

Clothing brand, Craft, are probably the biggest of the cycling manufacturing company’s coming from Sweden. As you might expect, the Scandinavian terrain and weather extremes have influenced the brand and helped guide their varied and diverse product range. As well as cycling the brand also produce clothing for Nordic Skiing, Running, Gym Training and Trekking wear.

Quality from the North

The brands products are the result many years of sweat and pain, of wind and rain, of falling and rising, and the euphoria experienced when pushing endurance limits. Whether at the Olympics or at home, in the woods or in the streets, they always aim for optimal performance. Craft functional sportswear is raised to race.

Since ’73

The brand are serious about sports clothing and passionate about every detail that helps their customers get the most out of their sport. This is why performance is at the heart of the brand. Ever since 1973, when Swedish inventor Anders Bengtsson went out for a run in the very first set of Craft underwear, they have kept people dry and at optimal body temperature in all weather conditions.

Use What They Produce

At Craft, they truly love and live their sports. Most days will see a group of Craft employees, leaving the office for a 5-10 kilometre run, a bike-tour or, when the weather permits, cross country skiing the to test Crafts’ latest equipment. Craft also work for and learn from some of the best athletes around the globe in their pursuit of excellence. For Craft, life is sweat and they intend to control it.


As a brand, Craft are taking steps to ensure the company has serious sustainability credentials from design to delivery. The brand have mapped out a clear action plan. Their plan includes;

Climate Action

Moving forward means taking action. By 2030, our goal is to reduce carbon emissions from our total operations by 50% from the base year of 2021. To reach it, we are focusing on decreasing emissions emanating from the production and transportation phase, as well as our own operations. In order to measure our progress towards this goal, we are actively working with STICA, The Swedish Textile Initiative for Climate Action, for the purpose of tracking our carbon footprint today and per year.

Circular Business Model

Our products are made to last, and the more we can prolong the functional life of each garment, the less its impact on the environment will be. To do so, we will introduce circular offers that align with future consumer needs, such as letting athletes pass on old apparel when they elevate their game, or introducing options for renting garments for certain occasions. Our overall objective for 2030 is to have 20% of all garments rented, reused or resold within our ecosystem.

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