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A2Z Water Bottle Cage Bolts 4pcs
  • 7075 T6 bolts for securing your water bottle.
  • Supplied in various anodised colours.
  • Each pack contains 4 bolts - enough for 2 cages.
Nice lightweight bottle cage bolts
Great looking addition to your bike
Just a nice looking bolt. Nothing more to it.
Great - longer than most bolts so alllowed me to properly mount both a bottle cage and mini pump without running out of thread
Lightweight, looks good, great price. Nice and easy way to customizing bike.
Good quality bolts - used to replace Torx mounting Bolts on the bike.
Nice product. Great finish.
These bolts have an excellent rich color, and hold a bottle cage just as they should. Cheap bit of bling.
Great looking, effective and very light!
Cage bolts (does what it says on the packet) Nice crisp thread, well manufactured.
Nice little bolts, great price. I love that they come in so many colors.
Black was just a nice touch to match cage and frame, and the lasting black looks better than corrosive standard bolts
Nice quality finish good strong colours
I had to replace my black bottle cage bolts as they were starting to peel, so I found new ones and bought them. I put a bit on copper anti seize and them put them in the frame. Job done.
Cheap but functional bit of bling. Clean thread, wide head.
Longer length so very convenient. Nice colour which sets off nicely against my bike.,
Excellent product delivered in super fast time - another 5 stars for Merlin cycles
Cool and cheap thing to add a little more colour and personality to your bike. Very happy with this purchase.
Very well made & quality unlike some Asian origin bolts. Should have bought more. Thanks.
The A2Z Water Bottle Cage Bolts are a great, low cost option to add a little color to your bike without breaking the bank.
Very good product. Most recomended
They're bolts and they work. No problems tightening them down either (they didn't strip), and the anodizing is nicely done. I will buy more in the future.
What can I say? It holds my water bottle cages well and looks good! Red was pretty on point with the rest of the red anodized parts on my bike - maybe a tad darker in hue but hard to tell. Finish is a little fragile. Be cautious tightening down the bolts as to not scratch the anodizing.
Bike had silver nuts all over. Got these and they fit the standard bike nut thread, they are good quality and a good length. Now they match bike colour they are discreet although may consider making them a feature and going for a bright colour..... Naaaah!
They look great, threading is tight, fit is snug. They are quite light but they don't exactly carry a heavy load, so I'm not really worried.
Lightweight bolts, colors, easy to thread. No washers good to match bike colors if you're into that. Red is more maroon though, a darker hue.
Does what it was intended to do, hold your bottle cage in place without moving. The multiple color choices make this product perfect to match any bike.
It is amazing how some shops and websites do not have a decent selection of bolts to match your bike. These seem to be good quality. It is a minor detail, but goes a long way to give your bike that clean fresh look. As inexpensive as they are, there is no reason to have rusty, dirty bolts. The good prices and service at Merlin makes the choice easy.
Not a lot you can say about water bottle cage bolts. Does what it says. Good quality finish and good price. Usual good service from Merlin.
Sweet little bolts, great price and make my bike look awesome
Lightweight bolts, look good do the job
Nice set of light, well made quality bolts that blend with the color of my mtb. Used them to fill the bolt holes since I don't use a cage.
It's nice to be able to get these small details...great offering
As advertised. They're bolts, what more to say. The splash of color is a nice touch.
Nice bolts to customize a bike. They are extremely light and they don't know what is rust.
Very light and bright colour, add a quality finishing touch.
Color matching adds that little touch that makes your bike look a little more polished. The color hasn't chipped yet and they fit right in the frame.
Not much to say here, you get 4 bolts and they secured my cages without any issues.
These bolts do the job and they are lighter than the other bolts my bike came with.
Nice lightweight bottle cage bolts. Cheap and effective.
Just buy these if you`re reading this review, very worth the bling on your bike
A bit of a weight weenies thing here but work just as well as the heavier steel bolts (providing you don't overtighten them)
Light bolts. Happy with em!
The color is so these!!
Adds the finishing touches to you bike - well made
What's there to say about bolts? They have a nice colour, and they hold my bottles.
I have bought 4 sets of these now and they are great for adding some extra individuality to your iron horse. Additionally if your looking to shave weight from your bike then these seem to be the lightest bolts on the market and again at the usual heat Merlin price.
Great product! Adds a nice personal touch to the bike. I have 2 of the same Klein frames and they have crazy paint which is hard to match. I ordered the blue ones and they look great! Lightweight as well.
Good quality and very light
What's to say about bolts. They do what they must do, keep the bottleholders in place. And they look very good too.
I have bought 5 sets of these now and they are great. Really add an extra bit of character to your steed. I have these on all my bikes and each bolt only weighs 1 gram and great price too!
Nothing will go wrong with this well design bolts! Choice of colour will match ur bike so well.
Looks good. Does the job, however should come with an anodised washer too.
Excellent lightweight bolts, I had no trouble using them with either my steel hardtail or aluminium road frames.
Shiny shiny, what more do you need to know?
Fantastic product that looks great on my Orange Evo8 build with its white and orange theme, enhanced by my orange bolts :)
Not so sure about these. Tried to tighten into the bottle boss, but required more effort that expected. Now all put in the spare bolt tin!
Adds a custom look and is less than half the weight of the original bolts.
just adds that personal touch.