Brand Focus – DT Swiss

DT Swiss is a relatively new manufacturing company, forming in 1994. The ‘DT’ part of the name come from the French and German words for Wireworks – Drahtwerke Tréfileries. DT Swiss has a second production site in Biel, Switzerland, the largest bilingual town in Switzerland. DT Swiss has a reputation for extremely well built wheels which stand the test of time – quite fitting because the town of Biel is home to the biggest watch manufacturers, including Rolex, Omega and Swatch. Excellence in engineering is what this region is renowned for.

Global Company

DT Swiss’s predecessor, United Wireworks Company can be traced back to the 17th Century. A buyout in 1994, led to the forming of DT Swiss as we know it today. DT Swiss also has production sites in the US (Colorado), Taiwan, France and wheel building site in Poland which features around 80 talented wheel builders. All the company’s design, development and testing work is done in Biel, Switzerland.

Pace of Change

In 1995 DT Swiss launched their Star ratchet hubs, in the late 1990’s they got into nipples and 2003 they started producing their own rims. All these components came together in their first wheelsets in 2004. However, DT Swiss are not just about the wheels, in 2006 DT Swiss acquired UK brand Pace’s fork business to strength their suspension offerings across the MTB market. DT Swiss produce forks, rear shocks, dropper posts and associated levers for the MTB market.

Wheels of Fortune

Known for their excellent wheelsets, DT Swiss produce innovative wheels for Road, MTB and Gravel riding at all levels. DT Swiss have brought new thinking and a meticulous focus to each component of each wheel, this ensures that their wheels meet the very highest standards.

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