Brand Focus – Evoc

Born from a love of mountain sports, adventure and travel, Munich based brand, Evoc, have designed, developed and produced some very innovative products. The name Evoc comes from ‘Evolution Concept’ – the founders thought the name summarised their product and design expertise.

Early Days

In the days before Evoc, former professional snowboarder, Holger Feist, used to travel the world with his bike and snowboard. Sleeping in a tent, his quest for mountains for the ultimate snowboarding and mountain biking, took him on far-flung adventures. These included through the mountains of Iran, Kenya and Uzebkistan. Unfortunately, Holger sustained an injury when he was caught in an avalanche. A tool stored in his backpack, jarred into his back. This injury would be the start of Holger designing and producing spine protection backpacks. The brand would go on to develop a wide range of other specialist products for mountain sports.

Needs Must

Working as a product manager in the Snowboard Industry, Holger realised that no-one else was going to make the backpack with protection which he wanted. Using his contacts from Snowboarding, he managed to get a prototype produced and set about developing his initial idea. It was during the period of testing of the backpack, when Holger turned his attention to how he transported his bike when he travelled. He drew the plans for a new bike bag and soon that was at the prototype stage too.

It’s in the Bag

One of the original prototypes for the bike bags was shown to the shop owner at Flying Ball Cycles, Hong Kong. The owner promised to take 50 when they got produced. This was the start of Evoc back in 2008. Producing high-quality, sporty backpacks, protection wear, bags and luggage – with a particular focus on proper protection. In 2023, the brand Evoc is unique, a mix of clever design functionality, protection and style – all brought about through a love of mountains.

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