Brand Focus – Wahoo

In the world of GPS bike computers and home trainers, Wahoo have been pushing forward and developing markets. In their relatively short time of existence, they have been driven by the mind-set that ‘there has got to be a better way’.

Rapid Development

Wahoo began in 2009. Founded by Chip Hawkins in Atlanta, USA, from the outset Wahoo had the drive and questioning nature to create innovative solutions. They now have around 100 employees. Wahoo is a manufacturer of computers, indoor trainers and sensors. The indoor trainers are among the best you can find on the market. They feature an advanced algorithm, which offers a quiet, precise and realistic indoor training option. The Kickr indoor trainers are also used by professional athletes. They are the perfect way to train in winter or warm up before races. Between 2014 and 2022, Wahoo were an official sponsor of the professional team, Team Sky/Ineos Grenadiers.They are also an equipment supplier and sponsor for other well-known athletes worldwide, such as Chris Froome.


Other innovative products include the Kickr Headwind and the Kickr climb, which provide a realistic representation of headwind and climb. In addition, Wahoo has a range of bike computers which offer direct competition to Garmin bike computers and fitness watches. These are available in several variants and feature ANT+ and Bluetooth Smart technology. This allows the data of all measuring systems to be displayed in real time. Whilst at the same time the GPS computer can connect to a smartphone to display important messages directly.

Wahoo Indoor Trainer

The Wahoo Kickr is an indoor bike trainer that allows you to squeeze a little workout no matter the weather. Professional athletes use this to train and warm up before races. The Kickr is very quiet and therefore perfect for concentrated training. Through the use of new software, it is possible to recreate the driving experience on a real road very accurately. Since the Kickr is used by high-performance athletes for warming up and training, it must be stable and meet these tough requirements. The Wahoo indoor trainer is built tough enough to withstand all your indoor workouts and let you train efficiently. The Wahoo Kickr smart trainers offer you many different apps and software training options that you can also control via your smartphone.

Wahoo GPS

The GPS computers from Wahoo – the Elemnt Bolt and Elemnt Roam are completely wireless bike computers. They are directly comparable to the Garmin models. Through a QR code and the corresponding app’, the Wahoo bike computer is connected to the smartphone in seconds. This offers even more possibilities and huge flexibility. The GPS computers have a navigation system where you can set routes, or navigate to specific destinations. In addition you can follow pre-planned route files from Strava, retrace routes or go directly home. In addition, the Elemnt models have a live tracking system to communicate your training progress in real time to selected people.

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