Brand Focus – Muc-Off

Starting off just before Merlin Cycles in the early 1990’s, Muc-Off began life as X-Lite, founded by Rex and Marilyn Trimnel. Producing a selection of high quality products, X-Lire manufactured the first twin crown forks and the world’s lightest bar-ends – this was at a time when bar-ends were at the top of the important-things-in-life list for all MTB’ers all over the world.

Produce the Pink

Rex was disappointed with the options for cleaning bikes in the early 90’s. So he set about producing his own – initially getting his head around surfactants (Surface Active Agents) and how they worked. At this time most riders were washing their bikes with washing-up liquid which contains a lot of salt which was corrosive, so not ideal for washing bikes. Rex realised his cleaner had to be eco-friendly, effective at cleaning and not detrimental to any finishes on a range of component materials. It was 1994, Rex had perfected his formula, the cleaner was pink and was ready for market. Muc-Off’s first product was born.

Broader Appeal

From MTB cleaner, Muc-Off moved into motorcross bike cleaner and a full range of motorcycle cleaner launched in 2000. Three years later and the next Muc-Off challenge saw them move from 2 wheels to four. They launched their Car Care products in 2003. From bike cleaning products, they then moved into producing biodegradable and eco-friendly chain lube products in 2008. As the brand pushed forward across several markets, they started sponsorship of Formula 1 with the Sahara Force India Team. In 2013 they pushed out from the UK market into many areas of the world. Taking on the world was pushed further with sponsorship of Team Sky Professional Cycling Team in 2014.

Lovely Lube

Although Muc-Off started in cleaning products, it’s lubrication range, from its launch in 2008, developed strongly to cover all types of riding. Preparing 40 Dura Ace chains for the World Hour Record attempt by Sir Bradley Wiggins in 2015, was a good indication of just how far Muc-Off had become the world leading experts in chain lube technology. From those 40 chains, the technicians selected the most efficient one for the successful record attempt.

Same Quality, Many Products

With a range which has developed into many areas of bike maintenance, clothing and accessories, Muc-Off has consistently produced very highly rated, well packaged and top performing products. Their range of tubeless products, for example, has become the ‘go to’ selection for everything your bike needs to become tubeless. Choose from the Ultimate Tubeless Kit to get started or sealant for top ups or replacement valves and tapes. Muc-Off have got you covered. Or sealed.

Our favourite Muc-Off products at Merlin