Brand Focus – Renthal

Kickstart the Business

Over 50 years ago Andrew Renshaw and Henry Rosenthal used their names to create their company name, Renthal. Working from an engineering shed in Manchester, Renthal made trials bike handlebars at the time when trials bike riding was entering its golden-era in the UK.


From trials bikes, they added a motorcross bike specific range in 1975, just as motorcross was becoming huge in the UK and around the world. Through the 70’s and 80’s, business grew steadily before their launch into the huge US market in the 1990’s when growth increased hugely.


When the original factory burned down in the year 2000, a new purpose built facility on the original site, gave the company room to develop and grow its world-class manufacturing. Having always been an aftermarket supplier, things changed when the big manufacturers chose to fit Renthal aluminium bars to their bikes as original equipment. With Honda, Kawasaki and Suzuki fitting their top-end, high performance motorcross bikes with their bars.

New Market

A whole new market came along with the company’s move into mountain bike handlebars in 2010. The business applied the same passion for engineering excellence to their development and production of MTB bars. Today they are a global leader in manufacturing, design and sales of motorcycle, ATV, cycle parts and accessories. Their cycle products include handlebars, stems, grips and chainrings. A global brand, still manufacturing in the heart of Manchester.

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