Brand Focus – Ravemen

The range of bike lights available these days is dazzling. So for a relatively new company, such as Ravemen to enter the market, not only must they bring great quality, but also extra features to stand out against the competition.

Experience Driven

A group of bicycle industry professionals came together to form the company in Hong Kong. Ravemen lighting products are developed by a team with a genuine passion for bike riding and are informed by their own experience of riding in the hours of darkness. They started the business because they recognised that bike lights lacked an important safety feature. Anti-glare, would make bike lights less dangerous to oncoming traffic while still providing enough light for the rider.


As a brand producing bike lights, Ravemen have come up with a wide range of extra features to help shine a light on them in the crowded bike light market. As well as anti-glare and high beam / low beam options – similar to car headlights, Ravemen have packed features and innovative design into each of their lights. This adds extra flexibility for the user.

Feature Packed Fronts

Features such as remote switches (for changing between brightness levels), runtime indicator LED’s, USB output (use the light battery to power a phone for example), add up to feature-rich, clever products which add functionality to the regular bike light.

Feature Packed Rears

The CL05 (below) and CL06 Sensored light features a sensor which activates maximum brightness when car headlights approach from behind. The TR500 rear light features a huge maximum power output of 500 lumens and motion sensor which acts as a brake light and for auto on / off.

Not just a wide, feature-packed range of front and rear lights. Ravemen also produce a selection of brackets and mounts to offer more flexibility for mounting.

Ravemen Range

Here at Merlin we are proud to stock Ravemen lights and accessories. Here are some of our favourites;

See the full Ravemen range at Merlin here