Brand Focus – Race Face

Canada is home to some large worldwide cycling brands. While Cervelo, Argon 18, Norco and Rocky Mountain produce a wide range of bikes, there’s one brand producing a range of parts, clothing and accessories just for Mountain Bikers – that brand is Race Face.

Born by Mountains

Race Face was started by a group of mountain bikers based in the north shore area of Vancouver, at a time when there was a boom in MTB leisure and sport riding across the world – 1993. Living under the shadow of MT Fromme and MT Seymour, north shore mountain bikers are notoriously hard-core, ideal for testing (and breaking) kit – and making kit too.

Rider Powered

At Race Face, they have one guiding rule behind their business. Riders come first. They serve the needs of the rider because they are the keepers of the sport which Race Face loves. Before they release any new gear, they have it tested by world class riders in the harshest terrain. If it’s good enough for them, then its good enough for their customers.

Harsh Critics

If a product doesn’t significantly change they way you ride for the better, Race Face doesn’t make it. They make parts that are strong, lightweight and durable, they perform better. However, they recognise that it is part of the nature of mountain biking that stuff can break, when riders are nudging the extremes – they have a warranty procedure which enables customers to get back out riding.

Still the Same

The core of the Race Face business is the same as it was in the 90’s, a group of mountain bikers making stuff but also hanging out as friends and flowing down hills on two wheels. They still live and breathe it, they still want mountain biking to grow and succeed – they are blazing a trail and taking their customers with them.

Broad Range

The Race Face range covers most of the stuff which mountain bike riders typically need to replace. So from chainrings, cockpits, shorts to body armour and gloves – Race Face have a well designed option for most mtb consumables. See the range in more detail below.

See the Full Range of Race Face products here