Brand Focus – Silca

A reputation built around one solid, dependable product can last a long time. I got a Silca track pump for Christmas in 1987, Silca had been making pumps for 70 years in 1987. It was orange and it did its job well. It is still doing its job well. I have unscrewed the solid brass chuck to replace the rubber seal washer a few times, but it kept working just fine.

Keep on Pumpin’

So, being a standard ‘tight-Yorkshireman’ in an age when more and more stuff seems to be ‘throw-away’ after a relatively short life, I will always think of Silca products as a stylish, long-term investment.

Fast forward to 2022 and looking through the products made by Silca today, the same quality is obvious. However, the company has changed hugely since it was started by Felice Sacchi near Milan, Italy. In 2013, Silca had been owned by the same family for 96 years, until Felice’s grandson Claudio sold the company. In 2014 Silca opened up its worldwide operations from its new home in Indianapolis, USA.

Despite moving continents, in all the important ways, Silca is just the same. Part of the continuity no doubt comes from the fact that the new owner, former Zipp Technical Director, Josh Poertner, was a huge Silca fan, long before he bought the company. The use of the best materials and classic design, continues to set Silca apart from other brands.

Silca floor pumps range from the entry-level Pista floor pump, to the Super Pista Ultimate Hiro Edition. Check out our full Silca Floor pump range here;

Lovely Lube

It’s easy to think of Silca as a company that is all about beauty and style. However, Silca chain lube and Wax products are 100% performance focussed. Silca Hot Melt Wax & Super Secret lube has some pretty impressive claims assigned to them. In the bike industry, you get used to hearing some pretty ‘out there’ performance claims. BUT!, these claims seem very accurate having recently seen a freinds chain performing perfectly with apparently zero signs of wear after well over 10000 kilometres riding on gravel tracks…

Stylish Accessories

Silca’s range of products are varied. As well as functional pump and tyre related items, Silca manufacture other classic jewel-like products for the style-conscious cyclist. Here are some of our favourites;

Silca HX1 Home & Travel Essential Kit
Silca T Ratchet Kit + Ti Torque
Silca Italian Army Knife

See our full range of Silca products here.