Brand Focus – Token

Token was founded in Taichung Taiwan in 2002 by James Chang. However, in reality the brand started many years before that. James’ Mechanical Engineering background saw him involved with some of the largest cycling brands known to us today. Here he built up an extensive knowledge base and skill set in the production of bicycle parts. James had 27 years of experience working closely with the leaders in the cycling industry showed him that precision is key to making products. This experience¬†gave him the confidence to start his own brand. Token stood for what he believed in: Passion, Innovation and Craftsmanship.

Choose Your Token

James chose the name Token to represent the weapon you hold to win a game – your Token. He surrounded himself with like-minded engineers and cyclists. The first products produced were high end head sets and bottom brackets. At the heart of these products were extremely precise bearings. The craftsmanship to produce these bearings laid the foundation for them to establish itself as a reputable brand in the market. It was the TBT bearings that really set the brand apart around the world. The innovation did not stop there and the TFT bearings were developed, which led to a new direction for the brand.

Development & Growth

As bearing innovation grew, the brand became more focused on its core product offering of precise craftsmanship. They introduced the popular Ninja Bottom Bracket, Shuriken Oversized jockey wheels, and a high-end range of wheels. These products are developed around the Premium, TFT, and TBT bearing technology. They have proven to be extremely successful in enhancing riding performance. Today, the brands’ headquarters can still be found just outside Taichung where they proudly design, manufacture and test their products. At the heart of Token. they are driven by their passion to bring innovative products to riders who demand more.

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