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Two elements in life were strong and constant for Troy Lee – Racing and Art & Design. This was the case when he was 12 years old and is still the same now age 58.

Early Days

Starting off as a kid, Troy loved sketching out ideas before adding in paint. He still does the same thing today, but his art is in demand from some of the biggest named athletes. Initially he starting out Sign Painting (above), before changing focus to his Motocross racing freinds helmets – leaving them to dry in his parents garage. Today the business is recognnised as the premiere custom helmet paint shop in the World.

Legends and Icons

Soon the brand was the in-demand name, just as the MTB scene boomed in the 1990’s and into the 2000’s. Iconic helmet designs for the superstars of the era, including John Tomac (Eagle helmet design above), Shaun Palmer and a host of others, all helped propel Troy Lee into a whole new level of coolness, effortless style and popularity.

Grand Designs

With sky-high demand and equally booming popularity as a brand, Troy Lee Designs took the next logical step. Expanding into the manufacturing their own kit began with Motocross and MTB helmets before expanding into clothing and pads / protection. As well as the awesome art & design associated with the brands products, they are renowned for being produced to very high standards, as well as being comfortable and well-engineered.

We are driven by creative horsepower, an intense competitive spirit with a love for riding and racing. We have a deep passion for Innovation, safety and performance while always exceeding artistic boundaries. Our mission is to create revolutionary Speed Equipment for The Worlds’ Fastest Racers and enthusiasts while ensuring that every product reflects the TLD Signature. Our intense passion for the lifestyle we lead on and off the track will always define what we create and why we create it. We hope you enjoy this passion with us

Troy Lee

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