Brand Focus – Zefal

There are not many cycling product manufacturers as old as Zefal. For 140 years the French based company has been producing accessories for bikes.

What’s in a Name?

While not a particularly French sounding name, the name Zefal is derived from two sources. Zefyr – the personification of Wind in Greek mythology. This combined with Duraluminium (a type of aluminium alloy), used in the manufacture of Zefal’s first pumps back in 1934. The business has remained in family ownership, the current CEO, Matthieu Brunet is the 5th generation at the helm from the same family.

French Fab

Zefal is a member of French Fab. The French Fab organisation embodies the companies located in France that recognize themselves in the will to develop French industry. The organisation aims to stimulate growth and give extra visibility to the companies who form an important part of the French manufacturing sector.

Maximum French

More than 60% of products manufactured by Zefal are made in France at their factory in Jargeau, Loiret. At the time that new products are designed, the manufacturing options are evaluated to have production in France where possible. The location of manufacture, together with a durable end-product at an affordable cost are all considerations when products are planned and during their production life. The Profil Max FP60 floor pump (below) production was relocated to France in 2017. The opportunity arose to produce a 100% French floor pump. The pump features a handle manufactured from wood sourced from the Jura Forests.

Cornerstone Products

As you would expect through a long and illustrious past, Zefal have had more than their share of products we all take / took for granted. In 1922, Zefal acquired exclusive rights to the pedal toe-clip developed by Eugène Christophe. Toe-clips and straps were the only pedalling option to flat pedals for around 60 years. During the 1970s and 80s, Zefal also produced the best frame-fit pumps for road bikes. The HP and later HP-X pumps (HP = High Pressure) offered a reliable option to take on rides. The MTB boom of the late 1980’s saw Zefal, invent and bring to market the mini telescopic pump – the Mini Double-Shot.

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