Clothing Tips – Summer Style

Summer is here! As the rain lashes our office window… So what are the essential clothing options for those long summer rides? The best summer cycling clothing keeps you cool and comfortable for the those long hot days in the saddle.

Capped Off

Caps are cool, they have been for a long time too. They are THE classic cycle clothing item – functional, stylish and although not originally designed too, they fit perfectly under the helmet. The stylish peak can offer shade either at the front for your face or at the back for your neck. The body of the cap also prevents those summer insects from trying to make a home in your hair and prevents the sun burning the top of your head.

Short Sleeve Jersey

Keeping cool in the heat is tough, particularly when trying hard. Different short sleeve jersey manufacturers utilise alternative materials to create well-fitting, anatomically shaped (for men and women) clothing. Sweat wicking capabilities help with the body’s battle to regulate it’s heat. Jersey’s with a ¾ or full zip can also help you keep cool. Some manufacturers jersey’s offer UV Protection to protect against the sun. A gripper at the bottom of the jersey prevents it from riding up and becoming annoying.

Bib Shorts

Another essential item for any cyclist, bib shorts become super-important in the heights of summer. Sweat wicking properties, dispersing the excess moisture become very important for rider comfort on long hot rides.


When summer comes, cyclists love the opportunity to uncover fingers and don the finger-less mitts. Staple items of most rider’s wardrobe, mitts have been around for a long time. The technology in the materials and manufacture has improved over the years. Today’s summer mitts combine protective and vibration reducing palms to aid grip and comfort, with stretchy, moisture absorbing qualities for the back and fingers to help soak up sweat.



Having gone through a revival in recent times, socks are back in vogue in cycling. While the options used to be limited to white, now there is virtually no end to the creativity of the sock designers. While the appearance of the socks steals the show, the quality of the materials used in their manufacture is hugely important. Lightweight summer socks let your feet breath and keep them comfortable while tapping out those toasty summer miles. The length of the sock can also spark controversy and debate. While short ankle socks are still popular, longer socks have recently started to become more sought after – however they can play havoc with cyclist tan lines.


Summer rain capes are, unfortunately, also a necessity! Capes which can roll up to be stowed away in a saddle pack or back pocket offer ideal emergency downpour protection. While not having the full waterproof properties of more substantial rain jackets, capes offer enough cover to keep relatively dry for the dash home through that summer shower.

Try it On

Visit Merlin Cycles Chorley Store to try on clothing before purchase and insure you have a good fit. We have a changing room and the all-important big mirror.

So get your summer kit on and enjoy it – before too long we will be layering up to keep out the cold…




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