Introducing – Profin Bushes

Worn full suspension bike linkages?

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Suspension experts, Bounce, have a range of suspension bushes to fit a wide selection of full suspension bikes. No matter how much care you take of your bike, eventually bushes wear and start to develop play / movement in linkages.

The spec’s the bushes are as good if not better than original factory spec. Frank Spear, from Bounce gave us a rundown of the details:

  • 303 stainless steel pins CNC machined to a tolerance of just +/- 0.005mm on the outer diameter, which is absolutely critical for proper fit and function.
  • Used by race teams and service professionals worldwide.
  • Stainless steel is extremely hard wearing and in tests they remained in tolerance 6 times longer than anodised aluminium,14 times longer than brass and nearly twice as long as grade 5 titanium equivalents. Stainless steel saw only a 5.5g weight penalty over grade 5 titanium (8 x 22mm size) with significant cost savings and improved wear.
  • Each kit is supplied with a low friction polymer DU bushing from IGUS.
  • They are compatible with all Fox Shocks, Rockshox post 2010, DVO, X Fusion and any other shock running a 12.7mm (1/2″ bushing). At the time of writing Cane Creek Inline shocks are compatible but not double barrel models which run a smaller bushing.
  • Largest selection of sizes online anywhere ready for despatch and costing around 50-60% of the price of all other stainless steel kits on the market.

Profin also produce the tool necesary to remove and fit bushes. As with the bushes themselves, the Profin tool looks very high quality.

  • CNC machined anodised vice operated aluminium tool.
  • Extremely quick and accurate to use ensuring no damage or deformation to polymer shock bushes or your shock’s eyelet. Many tools utilising a threaded bar which can twist and deform the lip of the DU busing and even damage the shock eyelet as the bushing is pressed in at an angle.
  • Hard wearing, rated to remove and refit thousands of bushes with no wear to the tool.
  • Protective acetal cap to allow use of the tool without soft jaws.
  • Used by professional mechanics
  • Used by service centres and home mechanics worldwide.

Check out the Profin range here