Sensa Bikes 2021

Year after year, Sensa bikes just keep on developing and impressing us with their latest bike range. Sensa’s home is in Almelo, the Eastern Netherlands – a pretty region with rolling hills – the ideal testing ground for Mountain bikes and Road bikes. Almelo is twinned with the Lancashire city of Preston (the nearest city to Merlin Cycles) for over 70 years.

With the Netherlands having more bikes than people, you can trust a brand from the Netherlands to ‘do bikes right’.

Sensa Giulia GF Ultegra Special

The quality of Sensa bikes shines through with each model in each price point, offering real value, without sacrificing quality. The 2021 range resets the benchmark from previous years, with upgraded groupsets and new and improved framesets.

Sensa Giulia Evo Disc

Mountain Bikes

Road Bikes

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