It’s May, the Force be with you!

You won’t have heard of Force. They’re a bargain brand from central Europe. We’ve just got some of their stuff. Here’s some absolute steals of deals.

force workshop floor pump

Force workshop floor pump

Merlin price £34.99

What do you want out of a track pump? Stability, easy to read gauge, positive valve head, generous hose length, big stroke length, comfy handle, high pressures easily achieved.

Well, this pump does all that.

force torque wrench

Force torque wrench

Merlin price £40.00

We all want a torque wrench. It’s the sort of thing we’re forever picking up and putting back down again in B&Q. £40 isn’t exactly pocket change but it’s a very, very good price for a torque wrench of this calibre.

22cm long ratchet designed to be used with ¼” socket. Torque settings from 0 -14nm. Supplied with Torx T20, T25, Hex 4, 5, 6, 8 and 8, 9, 10mm sockets. Good quality storage case too.

force puncture repair kit

Force puncture repair kit

Merlin price £1.50

Some patch kits are rubbish. You know the ones. Thick, stuff patches without feather-edges. Dinky amount of glue. This kit has 7 high quality feather-edged patches, a generous amount of glue and a usefully sized piece of sandpaper. For a quid fifty.

force z68 tights without pad

Force Z68 tights without pad

Merlin price £16.99

These tights have a lot of uses. As well as being useful as a cycling layer, they’ll end up being used for all sorts of things. Running, hiking, camping thermals and so on and so on.

Flat seams for comfort. Double layer knees for durability and warmth. A bit of reflective stuff on them too.

force chain lock 100cm

Force chain lock 100cm

Merlin price £24.95

This is perhaps the best bargain in the whole Force range. A real heavy duty canvas-coated link-chain with a bad-ass padlock on it. Ideal for garage/shed security or for the commuter who doesn’t mind carrying 2kg around!

force aron pro plus hydration pack


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