Keep Calm & Keep Riding

As you will be more than aware, Corona / Covid 19 virus has hugely impacted our lives. However, for the time being at least, we can still ride bikes (outdoors whilst following the self isolating guidance in the UK).

Merlin Malt G1X

The most important thing for bike riders is to keep healthy and keep riding.


Why not dial it back a little? Or “Knock a mile off” as group riders used to say. Turn the effort down a notch, and enjoy every ride more. With no bike racing for the foreseeable future and the likelihood of you scoring a World Tour Pro’ contract are even more remote, so just relax and enjoy each ride for what it is: You, your bike and your particular slice of the great outdoors.

Merlin Malt G1X

By reducing the effort on your ride a little, you will reduce the chances of running your body down, becoming tired and susceptable to illness. Not chasing Strava KOMs, will also reduce the chances of you having a mishap out on the road. Riding just a little slower, gives you the opportunity to see more and appreciate your surroundings in a mindful way – without the usual effort induced sweat streaked glasses.

Merlin Malt G1X

Cheap Face Lift

Less effort on your ride also gives those ingrained facial lines a chance to repair. You know the ones? Those ‘character’ lines, hard earned from years of gurning in the gutter to hold the wheel, or pounding too hard on the 53 x 11. Just a few easier rides and you will soon look years younger… Honest.

Wherever you ride, enjoy it, look after yourselves and as and when the opportunity arises, be kind to others.

By the way, Argon 18 make great bikes – see our range here.

(They have nothing to do with Covid 19…)

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