Long Live the King – the New Panaracer GravelKing Range

To celebrate the iconic tyres 10th anniversary, Panaracer have launched a completely new range of GravelKing products. We take a dive into the whole range seeing what’s new and improved.

What’s new?

The entire product range has had a full redesign, and the new Panaracer GravelKing construction takes into account the change to wider rims, which are now commonplace across gravel wheels. The tyres also feature a new ‘BeadLock’ technology which is fully compatible with hooked and hookless rims – as well as making installation with a track pump possible for tubeless set ups.

A new tread compound is utilised called ZSG Gravel which lowers the rolling resistance of the tyre whilst still providing consistent grip in hot or cold temperatures, no matter what the surface, road or off-road.

The carcass of the tyres are now produced using a revolutionary structure called Tufftex, a high thread count casing which is strong yet supple. It ensures durability is taken care of and increases the puncture protection on offer. This is further increased with the Tufftex+ casing by the addition of a dual layer bead-to-bead security layer, whilst the Tufftex R casing is the most supple and lightweight casing. This lightweight guarantees a beautifully smooth ride, excellent grip and traction.

Tyre Sizing

Sizes on offer are fully updated and reflect the trend of the gravel riding scene. Starting at 700 x 30c the GravelKing range increases in 5mm increments all the way to 50c. The range is also available in 650b, 26in and 29in tyres ensuring that there is a tyre suitable for everyone.

New GravelKing X1

A new tread pattern is introduced, which Panaracer claim to be the fastest GravelKing model, with a more aggressive and race-orientated approach. With a centre tread design that is finely tuned for superior rolling speed, it is much more efficient in terms of rolling resistance when compared to the GravelKing SS and SK. The pattern for the rest of the tyre offers an excellent mix to suit a wide variety of terrains. The GravelKing X1 is sure to be a popular option.

Eco Friendly

As well as a complete update to the tyres themselves, Panaracer have also taken time to look at the packaging, and the new Panaracer GravelKing’s now come in an environmentally friendly box made from recycled materials, which also take up less room during shipping.

Full Range Overview

GravelKing – a slick fast rolling tyre, for dry conditions or tarmac. A good option for road and ‘champagne’ gravel.

GravelKing SS – a Semi-Slick option for dusty, dry conditions or mixed surfaces.

GravelKing SK – Small knobs across the central section positioned closely next to each other, best suited for dry conditions.

GravelKing EXT – for more Extreme conditions, with a noticeably increased knob height. Designed for conditions that require better grip such as mud and loose surfaces.

GravelKing X1 – the new tread pattern in the range, featuring a more aggressive design. Increased spacing between the knobs improves mud-shedding capabilities whilst shoulder grip is improved thanks to larger knobs.

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