First Look – Silca Ultimate Chain Waxing System

Chain waxing is certainly the hot topic right now. Dripping your chain in wax instead of oil-based lube has many benefits. These include an extremely clean drivetrain resulting in less cleaning, a super efficient system resulting in less lost power and reduced wear on the chain, cassette and chainset. Why wouldn’t you want to wax your chain? The time needed…Silca however have come up with the solution, a super easy Chain Waxing System, designed specifically to speed up the process.

What’s included?

  • Cable Coupler
  • Drip stand
  • Electric Wax Warmer
  • UK Plug

Wax isn’t included so we would recommend the Silca Secret Chain Hot Melt Wax which is perfect for using in the Chain Waxing System. At the same time as waxing, and if starting with a brand new chain, it is recommend by Silca to use the StripChip Hot Melt Chain Degreaser which makes the whole process a one step process of degreasing and waxing all in the one pot. Alternatively, the degreasing of the chain can be done separately by using the Silca Ultimate Chain Stripper & Wax Prep and the rest of the drivetrain cleaned with it too. Make sure the drivetrain spotless before waxing!

Silca Chain Waxing System
The Silca Chain Waxing System set up and ready to go

Clean, Tidy and Simple

The beauty of the Chain Waxing System is in the self contained design – no more melting the wax in a pan and then transferring somewhere else to drip dry, getting wax all over the place. Simply connect the chain to the Cable Coupler and once the wax has melted, lower it into the bath. After a little agitation and ensuring the chain is suitably covered in wax (usually around 10 minutes and when no bubbles are rising), lift and remove. The Chain Coupler will then hold the chain above the wax, letting the excess drip off resulting in less waste and no mess. The design is simple, and one which we think really makes chain waxing much easier.

Are you a ‘waxer’ already or tempted to unlock the benefits of a waxed drivetrain? Get in touch in the comments below.

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