How to look after your carbon road bike

Got a carbon road bike and using it during the winter months? Follow our six step guide to safeguarding your frame from the elements.

Keep It Clean

The most important thing to do when owning a carbon road bike is to keep it clean! UK winters are not ideally suited to carbon road bikes (many people choose to use a cheaper alloy framed bike during these times).

However if you are using a carbon bike in winter please take extra care with your cleaning; make sure to remove any salt residue, keep your bike serviced and use the proper lubes, cleaners and protective sprays. Do this preferably after every ride

finish line dry teflon lubeThe Correct Lube

Only use carbon fibre friendly grease and oils eg all Finish Line oils are carbon friendly. The epoxy which bonds the fibres together is broken down by certain oils, making the frame weak so take care when choosing oils. Carbon specific grease also contains micro particles which prevent carbon components from slipping.

Spray It

Protect your frame using a protective spray such as Muc-Off Bike Spray.

Don’t Use WD40

WD40 or similar penetrating spray oil can potentially destroy your carbon frame, do not use it, it is not a lubricant.

Chain Care

Use a proper chain oil/wax. This will prolong drive-train use as well as offering proper lubrication and protection.

Regular Maintenance

Make sure your bike is serviced regularly. If you are intending using your bike over long and regular distances then we would advise that you acquire a basic level of mechanic skills.

Merlin Cycles sell many tools, cleaning products, lubes and accessories that are vital in maintaining your bike.

Details can be found on our website or in store.

We’re always available to answer questions during opening times via or 01772 432431 or call into the shop.


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