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Troy Lee Designs are well known for their high performance gear for both MTB and Moto. Meaning they only produce quality products made to be durable and withstand whatever you throw at them… A brand well loved by both Merlin’s staff and customers for many years. Not a MTB rider? In our experience the kit is as equally as good to throw on for a gravel ride or morning commute…

The brand are known for a wide array of graphics meaning you can be as subtle or bold as you like on the bike… Here’s Rob showing his brand loyalty (2009 and 2023).

For this blog, we’ve put together a collection of our favourite and highly recommended kit by the brand. Rob and I have also been putting the gear to the test for the past few months!

Let’s delve in to the world of Troy Lee Designs…

The A3 Helmet: Protection and Unrivalled Comfort

First up is a favourite of many! Frequently sported by our staff is the A3 Helmet, giving you protection when you need it most on the varying surfaces of the trails. But equally as useful on a hybrid bike commute.

“The clasp is extremely convenient with it’s magnetic buckle and it’s my go-to helmet for all my riding. It gives you confidence because you know it sits just at is should compared to other helmets I’ve ditched due to lack of support and cushioning.”- Rob

The A3 helmet builds on the success of the TLD A2 helmet to deliver the ultimate in full coverage premium trail helmets.Safety is front and centre with the A3. The helmet is made from EPS and EPP foams for equal protection across high and low-speed impacts. The A3 uses MIPS technology to offer the best protection. The A3 also extends lower than previous TLD helmets, to offer the best lower head coverage.

Every detail of the A3 has been obsessed over. The adjustable visor has goggle storage and attaches in three positions with magnets, so it is easy to move as well as avoiding any small parts breaking. The helmet closes (as mentioned) with a V2 Fidlock-Magnetic Buckle for easy on and off. TLD has also made sure the helmet works with a vast array of optics making it a great choice for riders, regardless of eyewear choice.

You can’t go wrong with a pair of Oakleys and an A3 combo! I have found this helmet to be my go to choice for all my off-road riding and commuting.

Pictured below is Joe’s Limited Edition Helmet still going strong! A testament to the longevity that was in mind from the brand’s earlier models, they truly are built to last.

Jerseys: Express Yourself on Every Ride

Troy Lee Designs jerseys are known by riders for their durability, holding their shape and lasting you years of riding. Constructed from high-quality materials, these jerseys are not only look the business but are also breathable and moisture-wicking, ensuring you stay comfortable even during the most demanding rides.

Mike in returns has sported many Troy Lee jerseys over the years, he probably has too many in his wardrobe to count… “One of my favourites is the Fractura Sprint jersey. – “It fits well, is functional for my rides and I wouldn’t choose anything else. I even rock it when I’m on the trails bike or stopping for a pint mid ride!”

Troy Lee designs offer a range of graphics and limited edition prints meaning you can expand your collection or mix and match however you choose!

Shorts Designed for Tough Conditions

Comfort and functionality are key when it comes to cycling shorts. The last thing you want is to have holes in your pockets due to low quality fabrics or tear your shorts the moment you brush them against some hostile vegetation during a ride. Thankfully, TLD shorts are well tested by pros before they hit the shelves. So rest assured TLD shorts let you conquer varied terrain without compromising on performance or your impeccable style.

“My favourite feature of the TLD shorts is the stretch they provide while still maintaining their proper fit and shape. It allows for your pedal strokes and different riding positions to feel uncompromised which mean every ride is comfortable.” – Alex

Some of our staff are even seen wearing Troy Lee shorts off the bike on a daily basis! So feel free to wear them off or on the bike, you may even get some nods of approval from fellow riders when you are down the shops.

4. Gloves: Grip the Handlebars, Conquer the Ride

Gloves are an essential part of any cyclist’s gear, providing grip, protection, and control. TLD gloves are designed to enhance your grip on the handlebars while adding a touch of flair to your ensemble. Whether you prefer full-finger gloves for all-terrain adventures or lightweight fingerless gloves for road cycling, Troy Lee Designs offers a range of options that cater to your needs. Padded or non padded………

So, if your need in need of some new kit what are you waiting for? The best gear provides you with the best ride, regardless of the distance or difficulty! Grab some TLD and hit the MTB trails, trials riding day, commute or even the pub in style…


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