Top Tips – Tyre Pressure

If, like me, you just give your tyres a quick squeeze, (to check there is some air in) before heading out, then read on….

Having the correct tyre pressure can make your ride more efficient, more comfortable, faster and dramatically improve your chances of not having a puncture.


Road Bike Tyres

Tyres on road bikes can be run at very high pressures, this can reduce rolling resistance whilst still retaining grip.

Suggested Tyre Pressure for 75kg rider on 25mm width tyre:

  • Tubeless: 85psi Front 90psi Rear
  • Inner Tubed: 95psi Front 100psi Rear


Gravel Bike Tyres

The range of terrain which gravel bikes typically cover makes grip a priority. Gravel tyre pressures tend to be lower than road bikes.

Suggested Tyre Pressure for 75kg riders on a 35mm width tyre:

  • Tubeless: 38psi Front 40psi Rear
  • Inner Tubed: 50psi Front 52psi Rear


Mountain Bike Tyres

MTB tyres have the biggest volume of air and can run at the lowest pressures, however, hard packed trails can be tackled at higher pressures.

Suggested Tyre Pressure for 75kg rider on a 2.3″ width tyre:

  • Tubeless: 28psi Front 30psi Rear
  • Inner Tubed: 38psi Front 40psi Rear

Add or remove 2 psi per 5KG on the above tyre pressure guidleines. The front / rear pressure difference allows for extra weight on the rear wheel – typically 60/40.


Tyre pressure Variables


Type of ride

Are you heading out for a steady road plod or attacking strava segments and (or) your fellow riders? If you are wanting maximum performance, tyres need to be towards the higher level of their recommended pressure. If you are planning a steady long plod of a ride, why not drop pressure to the lower end of the recommended pressure range – this will improve ride comfort and reduce any aches and pains – especially over poorly maintained roads.


If you are heading off-road, tyre pressures are super important for grip and comfort. If grip is likely to be an issue, drop pressure down lower – BUT, still hard enough to avoid pinch punctures. Different gravel tracks can vary hugely, from 1 inch mini-boulder loose gravel, to fine, sandy, compacted gravel. Unfortunately gravel rides can involve various types of gravel – the best option is to aim for mid-range pressures and avoid the really rough stuff. Alternatively, stop to drop or raise pressures as needed.

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Heavier riders will need more pressure in tyres than lighter riders, to have the same grip and rolling resistance.


In wet or icey conditions where you need good grip, run pressures lower – But, still hard enough to avoid pinch punctures. Dry conditions on super smooth roads can be tackled at maximum recommended tyre pressure.

Under Pressure?

Standard butyl tubes loose pressure over time. Latex tubes can be much faster. This is why it makes sense to check pressures before rides.

No idea what tyre pressures you are running? Check out our range of floor pumps with gauges. Only if you like tho’ – no pressure ?