What is Everesting on Strava?

Strava is taking over the cycling community. The GPS based, performance tracking website has sparked interest amongst amateur and professional riders worldwide.

Everesting is just one of the popular challenges which Strava has to offer. The question is, do you have what it takes to climb the height of Everest?


Within the world of Strava, Everesting is the new craze under the spotlight. It involves cyclists climbing the overall height of Mount Everest at 8,800 metres within a single outing.

There’s not many long, steep climbs accessible to people so if you’re wanting to give it a try, you’re going to have to ride up and down a hill A LOT of times! However, that’s exactly what people are doing.


A recent cyclist who took up the task, named James Wyatt, completed the Everesting challenge in 25hrs 43mins 33secs accumulating 388.5km along the way.

Combined with a total climb of 9,027m, he exceeded the competition threshold. We commend you on that impressive ride, James!


With the constant improvements of GPS technology, cyclists are finding themselves able to accurately record their ride times and distances. As you can imagine this has stemmed some competition between riders.Strava Climbing Badge

Strava is the cyclist’s choice of online performance tracking website. It allows you to record your ride time, height climb and distance using GPS software such as a smart phone or a Garmin.

Strava not only logs the distance and time but also maps out your route so your followers can challenge your exact ride.

It is used by amateurs and pros alike. You can challenge the times of your friends and your idols. A bit of friendly competition could be what you need to knock that extra minute off your PB.

Oh, it’s free by the way so there’s no excuse not to sign up.

Merlin Cycles Strava Club

Here at Merlin, we’re big fans of Strava. We hold frequent competitions to win prizes so make sure you follow us to be in the chance of winning.

We make sure our competitions are suitable for everyone. We understand not everyone is an Iron Man!

If you take up the Everesting challenge, make sure you drop us a comment below so we can check it out.

Get on our Strava Club page and we’ll be sure to give you a follow back.


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