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Moon Mask 5 Front LED Light

Moon Mask 5 Front LED Light
RRP: $43.23
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Front LED USB rechargeable light.
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  • Excellent Customer Service
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Code: LAA630
  • Tool free quick release handlebar bracket.
  • 5 Nichia super bright LED's.
  • Constant and flashing modes.
  • Water resistant.
  • Horizontally adjustable.
  • Low battery indicator.
  • 3.7v lithium polymer battery.
  • USB rechargeable via PC or MAC.
  • Up to 70 lumen output.
  • Up to 8.5 hours run time.
  • 2 hours charge time.


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***** on 12/05/2015

A value for money front light adequate for normal commuting in city streets. Bright flash and bright high beam with the convenience of USB charging and a nice sleek design that looks better than a coke can strapped to the handlebars. Probably wouldn't use it for a high speed winding downhill run on a moonless night on a wet road in the rain in the unlit countryside.

***** on 11/04/2015

Great for being seen. Light weight, and well built. Probably not designed for lighting up the road in country areas.

***** on 29/03/2015

Love love love. This made the 6th mask I have purchased. I have 3 bikes and have purchased the other 3 for family. Best brightest bike light with long life ever! Plus easy easy to order with quick shipping !

***** on 28/11/2014

Very good light. Easy to clip on/off. Very bright. Easy to see if recharge needed.

***** on 23/11/2014

Great little light for getting round the town. Will be interesting in a few months time after it's been taken on and off a hundred times or so if the rubber attachment and hook still work. So far so good. Would recommend.

***** on 20/10/2014

Great lights good power for such a small light, easy to fit, top marks

***** on 23/09/2014

Compact and bright - will see how the battery life lasts now the dark is coming!

***** on 31/08/2014

So mini and elegant yet lights up a decent circumference brightly. *thumbs up*

***** on 29/08/2014

Very bright headlight. Bought for me and four friends after great reviews. - So far we are all happy with our investment in safety. Very fast free shipping to U.S. from U.K. - Thank you Merlin!

***** on 20/03/2014

Great value for money lightweight powerful light that's easy/quick to charge and move to different bikes without tools.

***** on 19/03/2014

Great little light that packs a big punch. I needed a reliable replacement for my old LED commuter flasher and picked this based on a number of reviews. The small size and simple mounting makes it easy to slip into my pocket/bag when I get to work and the long battery life means that I only need to recharge it once a week. The USB recharging in convenient as well and allows me to keep a spare USB cable at work so that I can recharge at home or work whenever I want.

***** on 03/02/2014

Very powerful for its size. Ideal for being seen on an urban commute which is what I will use it for. But I have noticed on darker roads the beam is powerful enough to light up the road in front for a good 6m (20 ft in old currency). Not sure on battery life yet as not had it long, but not had to charge it yet (used for approx 4 hours in flashing mode to date). The unit looks neat and attaches easily and securely with the rubber strechy strap. Does not take up too much room on the handlebars which is also a plus. The constant and flashing modes are useful but not sure what you would use the strobe effect for. USB charging a bonus as I can plug it in at work ready for the return journey. Very pleased with it so far

**** on 31/01/2014

The light itself works well for city riding. It doesn't seem to illuminate enough of the road to be the sole source of light (for night mountain biking, or spelunking on a bike), but it's more than enough to announce yourself and illuminate your immediate surroundings.
The attachment dongle (hereafter referred to as "rubber band") doesn't seem like it'll survive more than a couple of weeks of commuting. It should work fine if you don't have to take it off at night/when you lock it up; however, I've had 3 lights stolen, so I've got to take the light off and put it back on about 4 times daily.
Great for now! I'm anticipating a conversation with the kind folks at Merlin Cycles soon.

***** on 29/01/2014

Despite it's extremely small size, this "micro" headlight puts out an impressive amount of light at any of its four settings (low, high, strobe, and blink). For those doing early and/or late commutes, I believe this is an excellent option among mid-priced lights. While I cannot yet comment as to long-term reliability, it is definitely a winner out of the box in terms of brightness and features at this price point.

***** on 07/01/2014

Excellent brightness, compact design. Limited battery life but perfect for my needs.

**** on 18/12/2013

Does what its supposed to do. Four different settings make sure that you see and are seen on the road.

***** on 30/11/2013

Very bright for size with good battery life. USB charging is very handy.

***** on 17/04/2013

Excellent , well designed light. Very bright with the bonus of USB charging

***** on 05/04/2013

Small and light but very bright. A range of different options to attach to your bike. I haven't tested how long the charge lasts for but with the USB I can charge at work during the day if needs be.

***** on 02/04/2013

Very happy with the light - it's nice and bright and highly visible, ideal for a commuter like myself. It's also very small and light, so I hardly notice it perched on my handlebars.

Probably one of the the best "be seen" front lights available at the moment and highly recommended.

***** on 27/02/2013

Bought this light for my work commute on lit streets after a few early morning near misses from bleary eyed drivers. Can't say it's hapened since I've had these! It throws out an extraordinary amount of light for such a small unit and I still haven't had to charge it up from the day I received it which is now over two weeks ago. Delivery was super quick from Merlin too.....very impressed.

**** on 31/01/2013

Good quality
Nice Build
Enough brightness

***** on 30/11/2012

Got this as a replacement for the Moon GEM 2.0. The fastening had broken after 18months of daily use. The Mask5 is much brighter and the fastening looks more robust - I guess only time will tell

Swiftly dispatched and a good price, can't fault Merlin Cycles.

***** on 25/10/2012

Thank merlin, ordered a moon mask light tuesday received it wed and at a good price excellent service happy customer.

***** on 07/10/2012

Fantastic light. It is very good for night time commuting. Definitely recommended

**** on 03/10/2012

This is a really cracking little commuter light. It's small, weighs virtually nothing, and the rubber strap ensures it takes no time at all to take it on and off.

Light coverage is excellent for such a tiny device, and the four settings are good, although I'm not sure how much use the birght and super-bright settings are based on the journey types it's designed for. It may have been better to have just the one setting to save button presses.

Having said that the on/off switch is resistant to accidental switch-on, and the USB connection means it can be charging through the day at work - whether you're in the office or not.

***** on 19/06/2012

Fantastic light and great service from Merlin..

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