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Moon Meteor/Comet Front & Rear LED Light Set

Moon Meteor/Comet Front & Rear LED Light Set
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Moon Meteor/Comet Front & Rear LED Light Set
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Code: LAA675

Moon Meteor + Comet -LED Bike Light SET - USB Rechargeable - LAA675 Black

  • Model number: LAA670
  • FRONT Technical Features:
  • 210 Lumen output
  • Internal Li ion battery
  • USB rechargeable
  • 2 Hour USB charge time
  • Full beam 1 3/4 hours
  • Flashing 7 hours
  • High precision optical lens
  • Flashing & constant modes
  • Quick release bracket
  • Quick release helmet mount
  • Low battery indicator
  • Full charge cut off systemHeat sink cooling
  • Includes Rubber handlebar mounting strap, helmet mount and USB charge lead


  • REAR Technical Features:
  • 1 PCE COB high brightness LED
  • 30 Lumen output
  • Internal Li ion battery
  • USB rechargeable
  • 2 Hour USB charge time
  • Full beam 3 hours
  • Low beam 7 hours
  • Flashing and constant modes
  • Low battery indicator
  • Auto charge cut off
  • Side visibility
  • Includes seat post and saddle mount brackets
  • Horizontal and vertical mounting
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***** on 12/04/2015

Awesome bit of kit. Good luminosity and last couple of days (approx 4 days with 1hr use per day) without recharge.

***** on 27/03/2015

Brightest lights I've ever bought, easy to fit, easy to charge too. Both have different ways of letting you know about the charging though - Not a problem though.

***** on 24/03/2015

Excellent light set for the price, they are bright and make you be seen by traffic, easy to fit, rear light seat bracket very good if you have dropper post

***** on 10/03/2015

Excellent set of lights with multi function, brought the lights after a friend brought a set, worth spending the extra few pounds.

***** on 05/03/2015

My commute to work is along the route of a disused train line that has been converted into an unlit cycle track. Setting off at 0530 most of my journey is done in the darkness and I needed something to allow me to be seen but most importantly allow me to see. I had heard good things about this light set and for the price (half that of its competitors) I thought id give it a go.
On arrival I was very surprised by how small and light the front light was. It is well made and seemed pretty solid. The button to operate the light functions can be a bit fiddly but I have no issue even when cycling with my winter gloves. Rather it be a bit stiff to turn on than it accidentally getting turned off or even worse accidentally turned on in your bag throughout the day, I suppose its a trade off but in my eyes definitely worth it. The lights have two modes, each with three different functions. The front light has a steady on mode with three different light levels and a strobe setting that has two different strobe effects and an S.O.S. setting. The rear light is somewhat the same regarding settings. The great thing about the lights are the mounts supplied. You are given two mounts for each. The front is supplied with a handlebar mount and a helmet mount and the rear is supplied with a seatpost mount and a mount that attaches to your saddle rails which is really tidy and sturdy.
The surprising thing was the brightness of both lights. For a small unit it provides more than enough light to enable me to see a good 10m+ in front as well as illuminating the sides of the track. It takes me about 1 hour 20 mins to get into work and I usually have the light on the middle brightness constantly and ive yet to see the low battery warning light come on.
All in all a good little light set that way out performs the others in the price bracket!!!

***** on 22/02/2015

Bought these for my son, as I was so impressed with my set. They are fantastic little lights. Superb service again from Merlin Cycles

***** on 09/02/2015

Very good light set, comes with all configurations for attaching the lights to the bike, helmet or even a canoe!!, very light weight wise with excellent options for brightness and strobe. I have found battery time limited on max beam, but knocking it down a couple of clicks significantly increases battery life as you would expect. Being able to charge the light set from the USB is also very handy, I personally keep one charge lead at home and the other at work for a free charge.

***** on 19/10/2014

Absolutely excellent in every way. My daily ride takes me an hour each way through rough countryside paths, single track unlit rural lanes and busy urban roads. In each of those situations these lights fare admirably. You get a choice of two mounting brackets for each light, meaning you can attach them anywhere you like (including your helmet), in either orientation and at any angle from the horizontal. The mounts are easy, quick and simple, yet hold the lights incredibly securely (not a single movement over pretty rough terrain).

Both lights are plenty bright enough to work both to get you seen and for you to see the road ahead (and glowing an eerie bright red behind you). Even on unlit country lanes these lights provide full illumination well into the distance. In early morning light I see road signs hundreds of yards ahead blinking in time with my front light.

The USB charging takes around 2-3 hours per light, from completely dead. There's a helpful light on the top of each light to let you know when you should think about charging them, and then again when you've only got about half an hour of light left. After a full charge they last around 6-8 hours in flashing mode, or half that in steady mode.

My only quibble would be that these lights have a "strobe" setting. While it certainly gets you noticed, anyone who sees it will pretty rapidly find themselves wrapped around a telegraph pole wondering why they were blinded.

***** on 02/08/2014

These are great lights, very visible and the front high beam makes it easier to see the road. I get comments on how good they are. The price for these at Merlin was fantastic making them an easy choice. Good reliable service from Merlin.

***** on 25/11/2013

Only used a couple of times so far but very impressive for the price, cycling on unlit narrow country lanes is much easier now with these bright lights which do the perfect job for me, easily set up, fast recharge via usb & perfect. Brilliant service from Merlins also.

***** on 08/05/2013

Very impressive lights especially considering the size and price. The lights are very bright. My commute is short (1/2 hour) and mostly through city and residential streets so there is a bit of street/ambient lighting. Therefore I use flashing beam and recharge weekly (It would probably last longer). They charge quickly.
The only minor issue I had was with mounting front light on handle bar. The handlebar is thicker in the middle so strap could not reach around (or I was worried it would snap). Slight re-arrangement of things fixed the problem.

***** on 24/04/2013

Excellent set, high lumen front light and great visability rear. Easy mounts also.

***** on 05/04/2013

Very happy with these. I like the design and they come with a few different ways to attach to your bike.

Seem to be good value for rechargeable lights. I haven't tested out how long the charge lasts for yet.

***** on 01/04/2013

The lights are exactly what I was after. A great commuter set that are both bright and lightweight. The international delivery was excellent, less than a week - I have had slower times for deliveries within the same city!
Thank you for your excellent service.
Stu Reid

***** on 26/02/2013

(Haven't tested full run times yet, but) amazing light output from such small units. The supplied accessories are a nice touch (very useful mount options). Operational modes suit all needs.
As always, best price around from merlin (lower even before the extra discount). Fastest delivery times too

***** on 10/01/2013

Quick delivery superbly bright set of lights with USB recharging

***** on 09/01/2013

Best Lights ever used and at a bargain price,. Try these lights you will not be disappointed. Merlin has never failed to come up with very competitive prices and \service is second to none. Thank you for super pricing.

***** on 03/01/2013

I researched this set of lights before purchasing from Merlin, who were the most competitively priced. Delivery was excellent and the lights are almost unbelievably good considering their size. A fantastic set of lights bought for a teenager who cycles down dark country lanes and who is now highly visible. Highly recommended product for the price.

***** on 01/01/2013

Good, flexible light set. Great value

***** on 11/12/2012

Absolutely amazingly good very compact lights. The rear light makes you visible for at least 1/2 mile and the front light illuminates the road 30-40 metres ahead. Several fittings are included - including avery useful helmet attachment. Great price too.

***** on 22/11/2012

Excellent light set! Really bright and noticeable rear light and a stunning 200 lumens from the front light. These are also incredibly small which leads to the only problem I've had with them - the front light doesn't last very long in full 200 lumens mode. It lasts about an hour and a half from full charge, so I ended up buying another one of these sets so that I can run two front lights at half power for twice as long. The usb charging is a great idea and very convenient for me. They use a standard mini-usb connector so even if I lost the cables, it's easy to find another one that fits.

Definitely recommend these lights.

***** on 21/11/2012

Fantastic light combo. Both exceedingly bright but with many options to alter light output and mode (flashing/strobe etc.). Merlin was the cheapest on the internet by some margin and delivery was very fast.
Great value for money.

***** on 16/11/2012

I wanted the meteor as a backup light incase my main light failed. The run time is enough for a one way commute but with the usb port recharging is easy while at work. It is bright enough to ride pretty much normally on unlit roads. The comet rear light is really nice. light output is good with a wide beam without a blinding hot spot, so aim is not as important as with some other lights. The run time could be better but again, charging by usb means this is not much of a problem. Overall a really good set of lights.

***** on 10/11/2012

Great product with excellent price...

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