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Moon Shield 60 Rear LED Light

Moon Shield 60 Rear LED Light
RRP: $52.29
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Moon 60 lumen LED rear light with USB recharge.
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Code: LAA632
  • Up to 60 lumens light output.
  • 1 x Cree XML led.
  • Tool free quick release handlebar bracket.
  • Constant and flashing modes.
  • Water reistant.
  • Horizontally adjustable.
  • Low battery indicator.
  • 3.7v lithium polymer battery.
  • USB rechargeable.
  • Up to 6 hours runtime.
  • 2 hours charge time.

"Very bright rear light for year-round all conditions use, though the strobe mode could be annoying. Overall the Moon is an impressive package in terms of light output, build quality and price, £39.99 is a tenner cheaper than the slightly brighter TraceR. The brightness gives plenty of confidence that you'll be visible even on the lower levels and the brightest mode is a bonus in thick fog even in daylight." - Road.cc

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***** on 29/03/2015

Excellent light very bright easy to use with gloves and versatile - vertical or horizontal. if cycling two up flash mode can be too much for rear cyclist its that good!

**** on 13/03/2015

Top class - except for the little rubber grommet that covers the USB port. It just doesn't stay in place.

***** on 28/01/2015

The Moon Shield 60 has not failed to impress me. A bright rear light with numerous modes, complete with the hassle free USB charging facility.

***** on 23/12/2014

Second one of these due to how fantastically bright they are. Last one lasted 2 years of weekly use. Its that bright I use even in bright sunlight on the country lanes. Cars stay well clear because of how intense the light is. One charge lasts all week so at least 5 hrs and still working! If you want to be safe, get this little beauty.

***** on 10/11/2014

Excellent lights. So good I have bought two of them. They are charged via a USB cable from a computer so I can charge at home or work easily. Most importantly though, the light they emit is intense and very noticeable. I use one on constant and one flashing to make sure I am seen.

***** on 04/11/2014

Very good rear light, appears to be very weather proof, good to charge at the desk via the supplied usb lead. came with a couple of fitting options, using the 'belt-clip' one on my rucsac and it feels very secure. Very bright, many options and brightness settings. Good value.

***** on 19/10/2014

An excellent product, nice and bright, motorists have no excuse for not seeing you. With five light modes, one will definitely suit any needs. The flashing mode gives 7 hours of operation, so use it all the time. Charging is easy with the USB lead

***** on 29/07/2014

Quick Charging. Easy to attach and change functions whilst riding

***** on 14/05/2014

Bright bright light! Great for day time cycling, you know that cars see you. It fits to the bike seat post or clip on to backpack/clothing. Appears watertight and a neat size.

My experience of the plastic used by moon is that if when thrown - rather than dropped - from the bike it is prone to cracking. Because of this I was tempted by the exposure flash but the usb charging, longer life and Merlin's price meant it had to be the Moon Shield. No regrets.

Merlin - super fast delivery and great price - Thanks.

***** on 07/02/2014

Very bright. Will be seen by everyone. I have researched tons of rear lights and this has come out on top. This is for the brother. I have one on my bike myself and recommended the Moonshield for him. Merlin has the best price online for the moon products. I also bought the Moon XP780 from merlin and it`s a very good, well made light

***** on 05/11/2013

Did a lot of research before settling on this rear light. I was made aware of it after riding to catch up a fellow commuter about the light he was using. It was the brightest I had seen.

I use this and a Lezyne Zecto Drive rear as well. I'd recommend having two in case one runs out of batteries.

This is very bright, has good range of modes but feels slightly plasticcy. That it charges off a sub is handy for recharging at my desk.

The Lezyne feels better made but is not so bright.

I'd definitely recommend this little light.

***** on 04/11/2013

Very small, compact light but one that packs a massive punch. Very strong even on the lowest setting. Thick rubber strap for mounting gives a very secure hold and can be fit around various parts of the frame.

Would have no problem recommending this as a good light for cycling by night on dark unlit country roads.

***** on 31/10/2013

Very happy with this product. The light is super bright with 5 different settings (3 steady light and 2 blinking).

Since I've started using this I've noticed that traffic is leaving more space when overtaking instead of trying to squeeze past which some idiots use to do. For this reason alone I'd recommend it

***** on 23/04/2013

Great light, day or night.

***** on 09/04/2013

Great light at great price ! It would be even better if they provided an additional mounting suitable for saddle bags and panniers.

***** on 27/02/2013

Bought this to accompany the mask 5 front light for my work commute. like the front one it chucks out masses of light and hasn't yet needed to be charged after two weeks daily use. Really quick delivery, really pleased.

***** on 19/02/2013

In my opinion Moon make the best range of bike lights. This is the best, brightest, and most well built 'rear flasher' I've yet come across. Drivers should have no excuse for not seeing you from behind with this going. Encourages (most) drivers to give you a wide berth. Run times appear to be as advertised. The mount seems trustworthy, and has some angle adjustment. I actually have this mounted on the back of my Giro mtb style helmet. I've actually paired this with a Moon meteor on the top / front of my helmet.

Fantastic commuting item. Excellent price for this item with 10% discount from Merlin.

***** on 02/02/2013

Wow this light is really bright in fact I think it's brighter then my front light, only used it once at night and it was hammering it down and it was fine, I would defo recommend this to anybody looking for a rear light cheers merlin awesome as always

***** on 22/01/2013

Small, light and very bright. Very well made and bright enough to be seen in daylight. Recommended.

***** on 15/01/2013

You won`t believe the power from such a tiny light, moon quality build, excellent. Great service and price from Merlin.

***** on 08/01/2013

Small, sturdy unit. Very very bright light. Super fast delivery from Merlincycle. Happy customer.

***** on 10/12/2012

Very happy with this light. It is small, light but very bright. The only minor downside is the relatively short battery life (approx 5hrs) but it only takes a couple of hours to charge so it is not a real problem to me. I would highly recommend it if you want a small but bright rear light. The blinking and strobe modes are great.

***** on 27/11/2012

Bought this to replace another one that I broke (my fault). Great rear light got rave reviews in Cycling Weekly. Get comments from car drivers and cyclist alike dam bright. Has a few settings including flashing. Great little rear light.

**** on 07/11/2012

Awesome brightness, easy to use and charges quickly. Clip is a bit flimsy so could break if not treated carefully.

***** on 03/11/2012

I bought this light for Winter commuting as I wanted the brightest rear light I could get. Suffice to say it is truly awesome. It is seriously bright, has been fine in heavy rain & hasn't needed recharging after over 100 miles so far on strobe setting. This is the fourth Moon light I have & they are the best by far; bright, easy to charge, fix easily to bike or helmet & look great too. I would definitely recommend this light. Get one!

**** on 05/10/2012

Nice light, compact and bright.

Brighter than many front lights, fits in your pocket, and easy to recharge.

The battery cannot be replaced, so you have to be careful about keeping it recharged, and not charging it too often that it wears the battery out.

The down side is the bracket. The bracket is a quick release rubber thing that does not feel secure.

**** on 05/10/2012

Excellent rear light. Extremely bright with great side vision. Clip feels robust. All in all I can't knock it

***** on 23/08/2012

After buying countless cheap and cheerful lights it proved to be a false economy as they would always fail, either the mounting or the switch. So after a friend showed me his shiny new Moon Shield I was sold straight away. I like it's robust compact shell and it's size belies it's power. It goes from more than enough to nuclear and also two flashing modes. The USB charging is ideal for me as I use a computer all day. One charge will last me a whole week! The mounting is a flexible rubber strap that will fit any size tube plus you can adjust the angle of the light once fitted. I'm very impressed with this little light and also the turnaround time from Merlin who were the cheapest I could find on the web.

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