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Mountain Bike Shoes

Off road (MTB) shoes feature an aggressive tread pattern on their sole making them more suitable for walking in, useful if you need to push or carry your bike. They are still quite stiff for efficient power transfer but much more forgiving than road shoes. They also have pre-drilled holes to attach clipless pedals cleats if needed, this area is usually covered with rubber which is simply cut away to reveal the holes. MTB shoes can be used on road bikes but off road clipless pedal systems must be used as the cleats; their positioning holes are different from road clipless pedals. MTB shoes are more robust as durability and keeping the elements out is preferred over saving weight but they are still relatively light. Fastening comes in several ways from simple laces, to Velcro straps, ratchet buckles or plastic wire retention systems. Some MTB shoes also look more like trainers making them ideal to wear while commuting, at the spin class or down the pub without looking like you’ve just stepped out of the set of Star Wars in your bling white disco slippers!

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