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    Mountain bike (MTB) shoes

    Non clipless are a lot more flexible and are perfect for walking and off road riding. Both have grippy soles compared to road shoes which give you traction when you have to dismount on uneven or slippy ground. Mountain bike shoes can be seen as a blend of road shoes and outdoor/walking shoes. Shoes at the racier end of the spectrum are more ‘road’ than ‘walking shoe’, shoes at the more casual end of things are more ‘walking shoe’ than ‘road’. Mountain bike shoes are not as super stiff as road shoes and they’re generally a bit chunkier – particularly on the sole. The stiffness levels of mountain bike shoes vary depending on the design discipline; race shoes are stiffer than casual shoes. The soles of mountain bike shoes are rugged and lugged for grip in the dirt. The lugs are made of rubber (rather than plastic) so that they grip on wet rock too.