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The BEST Brands at the BEST Prices

Road Bikes

  1. Sensa Bikes

    Sensa Bikes
  2. Felt Road Bikes

    Felt Road Bikes
  3. Merlin Road Bikes

    Merlin Road Bikes
  4. Colnago Road Bikes

    Colnago Road Bikes
  5. Drossiger Road Bikes

  6. CycloCross Bikes

  7. Ridley Road Bikes

  8. Single Speed Bikes

  9. Prorace Road Bikes

  10. BeOne Bikes

  11. Dahon Folding Bikes

  12. Cervelo Road Bikes

  13. Kinesis Road Bikes


Sensa bikes are built in the east of Holland in the town of Almelo, their range of bikes are available exclusively to us at Merlin Cycles in the UK.  Sensa have been building bikes in the Netherlands for over 25years and the company is run by a group of enthusiastic cyclists just like you! At Sensa they know how to make a good bike that is at home as much in the Alps as it is on the street, they also know a thing or two about dirt and cross.  Sensa have been featured in many favourable reviews since we launched them and are a firm favourite here at Merlin.



Felt bikes started life in the late 80’s when motorcycle mechanic Jim Felt was asked to produce a time trial bike for motocross legend Johnny O’Mara.  Jim set to task and by 1991 Felt had won its first race and so the company was born.  At Felt they have one vision that they stick to, design, develop and deliver the best bikes in the world.  Felt bikes can be seen all over the world competing in top level races as well as being a staple of the daily commute.  Their range of road and cross bikes is second to none with value and good looks going hand in hand.



Merlin are our own brand of bikes made especially for us, you will not find these anywhere else.  Merlin have been selling its own brand of bike for nearly 20 years, that’s almost as long as we’ve been in business.  As we cut out the middle man and go straight to the source we can offer you a bike that’s every bit as good as the big brands but for a fraction of the cost. Most of our bikes come with matched groupset components across the whole bike with frames produced in the same way as some of the bigger names on the scene.



Colnago are one of the biggest names in cycling and one of the most recognised in road racing.  The company started in 1954 and its name has long been associated as being “the” bike to get your hands on.  Ernest Colnago built his first frame and such was its success that by 1955 he was work as a mechanic in the Giro d’Italia.  Colnago went on to be head mechanic for the legendary cyclist Eddy Merchkx and dominated the steel frame market.  In 1987 the company produced is first carbon fibre frame and from then on they have become possibly the most collectible and sought after bike on the planet.


Cycle Cross

Cross bikes take on the standard form of a road bike with some subtle differences.  Designed to be ridden off road and through the mud, the bikes are made with strength in mind.  The frames are designed to take wider tire clearances, knobbly tyres, lower gearing and cantilever or disc brakes.  Cross bikes are also meant to be carried for some of the time during particularly tough terrain so the cables are routed along to top to compensate for this.  Bearing all this in mind they also make great commute bikes and are good at soaking up the potholes and general bad weather.



Founded in 1990 Ridley bikes originally made small runs of bikes for the local market in Belgium.  Skip forward to today and they make a range of road and cross bikes that suit the professional and amateur alike.


Pro Race

Pro Race bikes are located in Holland and produce a range of top quality, competitively priced road bikes for the European market.



Be One bikes are a Dutch brand of bicycle who produce a broad spectrum of bikes from MTB to Road.  They sponsor a number of teams through Benelux and manufacture a great range of bike to suit all budgets.



The name Dahon is derived from its owner Dr David Hon who in 1972 left the space trade behind and decided to concentrate on greener transport for all. Along with his brother Henry they produced the world’s first modern folding bicycle. Dahon holds over 200 patents and has evolved to redefine the world of zero emission mobility.   Dahon is listed in the Guinness book of world records as being the world’s largest producer of folding bikes.



Cervelo Cycles created its first bike back in 1995 when two engineers decided to promote their skills in making the fastest time trial bikes. Their radical thinking pushed the boundaries of aerodynamic design without comprising anything in weight or stiffness. Cervelo now produce a range of road, track and TT machines that are the envy of the bike world.  Many of their bikes have been ridden to victory on the pro circuit included the infamous Tour De France first won on a Cervelo in 2008 by Carlos Sastre. 

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