5 Essential Performance Products for 2019

As we trudge wearily through winter, with a hopeful eye towards spring, we have picked 5 products which will improve road riding performance for the new season. These products will get you riding to your highest level and knocking out Strava PR’s like there’s no tomorrow!

SIS Beta Fuel £1.90

Fellow Lancashire company, Science in Sport (SIS), set about manufacturing a product which would deliver the maximum about of Carbs without the stomach cramps usually associated with loading a large amount of carbs. Beta Fuel has a natural taste and water like viscosity. It has found favour with Chris Froome who counts Beta Fuel as a ‘go-to’ product.

Abus Gamechanger Aero Helmet £99.00

Historically more famous for locks than bike helmets, this helmet is a game changer… Sponsor of Movistar Pro Team for 2019 the Abus Gamechanger is an aero helmet which combines light weight, good comfort, forced air cooling and strong aerodynamic capabilities.

Conti GP5000 Tyres x 2 (free tubes) £92.50

While the phenomenally successful GP4000 could be seen as a really hard act to follow, Continental have managed to do it. The new GP5000, offers better performance in several key areas. Improved rolling resistance, lighter weight and puncture protection give the GP5000 a decent step forward from the old GP4000. There is also a tubeless version.

Sensa Giulia Evo Disc £2655

As a nation, the Dutch know a thing or two about bikes. Sensa is a brand popular in the Netherlands, offering bikes which match top worldwide brands in terms of quality. In addition to great quality, Sensa bikes offer exceptional value. A great example of this is the stunning Giulia Evo Disc road bike below.

Forza Cirrus Pro R45 Wheels £999

If you need proof that these wheels are fast, it is worth considering that they come fitted to Ridley’s top Aero bike, the Noah Fast. They provide more than their fair share of why the Noah Fast is such a quick bike. Indepth testing proved that these are more than a match for the competition, yet at a significantly lower price point. See full Tech Spec and test report for these stunning wheels here.



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