6 Handy Bike Hacks

Misplaced a tool and need a job on your bike doing? Fear not, check out our bike fix hacks. The temporary hacks below are not supposed to replace an item in your toolkit, but might just get you through…

Chain Holder

Chain maintenance? Need a chain holder for removing and installing a quick link? – Got a spare wire coat hanger? Cut a 12 – 18 cm section, bend the ends with pliers and hook it in place.

Chain Whip

Changing a cassette? No chain whip? An old innertube wrapped around the cassette can provide the extra grip needed to remove the cassette lockring.

Chain Cleaner

Cleaning the chain? Not got a chain bath? Chain Cleaner tooth brushes do a decent job. Tape a couple together with a spacer and get cleaning. Rear deraillleur jockey wheels also clean up nicely with the tooth brushes. *Don’t clean your teeth with the brush again.

Rotor Shield

Spraying degreaser or lube near disc rotors? Avoid contaminating the disc rotor / pad, this can ruin braking performance. A takeaway pizza box lid is ideal for masking off the rotor. After exhaustive testing, I can confirm that a 12 inch family margherita pizza box lid works the best.

Tar / Oil Remover

Need to remove stubborn tar spots / oil from your bike frame or components? Citrus based ‘goo remover’ type cleaning products also do a good job removing those stubborn tar spots left over from when the local council did their last tar chipping session. Try a small amount on a clean cloth first, wipe with a damp clean cloth to remove any resedue. Oil staining and marks on drive train components can also be completely removed with the same fruity smelling miracle worker.

Roadside Repair Gloves

Puncture or mechanical out on the road or trails? Disposable latex gloves stuffed inside handlebars are great for keeping you nice and clean, especially if you have light coloured bartape or clothing. At only about 5 grams per pair you can easily forget you put them there…

However much we all enjoy a good bike hack, replace your missing tools or buy essential bike tools here.