Brand Focus – Camelbak

When a company name becomes the generic name for the products they sell, they have done pretty well, like Hoover with vacuum cleaners for example. This same can be said of Camelbak, the name has become synonymous with hydration packs. Here’s how Camelbak came to dominate their market.

Back When…

Way back in 1989, Michael Eidson was competing in the ‘Hotter N Hell’ ride in Texas. As the name of the ride suggests, the demand for water was huge. Eidson was an emergency medical technician by trade and rigged up his first hydration device using an IV line in a sock, a bit of hose pipe and a cloths peg to stop the water flow. With this home-made contraption in his back pocket, Eidon could concentrate on enjoying his ride, and less on fumbling with a water bottle in a cage. Eidson had developed the principle of the product which his company would become renowned for.

Dig the Diversity

The early 1990’s saw the development of the hydration pack as we know it, as more riders became converts to the pack over the bottle, the brand grew and was a central element of the booming 1990’s MTB scene. As the market grew they recognised the need for different options. The need for liquids on longer rides demanded a bigger reservoir, aswell as the need to carry other items too. Models such as Rogue, Lobo, and H.A.W.G. were developed to suit the wide range of MTB riders. Better harness straps, breathable back panels as well as safety features such as back protection panels have continued the advancement of the Camelbak range.


Testing and feedback from both sponsored athletes and regular riders has continually improved and developed the range, so much so that whatever your style of regular MTB rides, Camelbak will have the hydration system for you.

Bottles Too…

Not content with hydration packs, Camelbak produce some excellent bottles too. The Podium range of drink bottles includes some innovative features, the Podium Dirt series, for example, has a Mud Cap which covers the bit you drink from to stop the dirt flavoured drinks. The Chill series features a double walled skin to keep cool drinks cooler for longer. High Flow caps and polypropelene with Hydrguard ensures that drinks keep their flavour and don’t taste like plastic.

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