Brand Focus – Magura

Early Years

Beginning at a time when German manufacturing was booming, Magura started its rise into being a powerhouse of engineering and manufacturing over 125 years ago. Founder, Gustav Magenwirth, was known as an inventer and a thinker, way ahead of his time. Initially he worked as an apprentice for Karl Benz (of Mercedes Benz), Gustav invented the straight pull control lever for BMW motorcycles and in doing so forged a connection with BMW which still exists today.

German Engineering

As well as BMW, Magura are OEM suppliers to the biggest names in motorcycles. These include Ducati, Triumph, KTM, Piaggio and Aprilia. More importantly for us, Magura manufacture exceptional quality and performance disc brakes for flat bar road, gravel and MTB.

Range Overview

The Magura range of brakes for mountain bike, range from the four piston powerful options for downhill and enduro riding, through to lighter 2 piston cross-country brake systems. Between thse two alternatives are the combination brake systems. These feature 2 pistons rear and 4 pistons front, the ideal combination for many trail riders.

Magura MT7 Pro

MT7 Pro which offers unrivalled performance for gravity pilots and the ergonomically optimised one-finger HC lever blade which gives great lever feel.

Magura MT Trail Sport

MT Trail Sport Combination features 2 piston caliper at the rear for perfect modulation and 4 piston calipers on the front for more power. The one finger HC lever blades allow closer lever to bar distance, improving control and comfort on loger descents.

Magura MT5 eStop

MT5 eStop brakes are designed for the demands of Emtb. Heavier bikes, steep drops and often trickier conditions, mean that brakes need exceptional power and combined with impressive modulation.

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