Magura Royal Blood Brake Fluid
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Magura Royal Blood Brake Fluid
Code: 07216
Magura Royal Blood Brake Fluid
All MAGURA brakes use low viscosity mineral oil (Royal Blood) as hydraulic medium. Contrary to DOT brake liquid it irritates human skin nor damage the paint off your frame. 
Biggest asset: It does not absorb water and actually lubricates the whole system. Regular bleeding caused of old brake liquid is therefore not necessary! 
5 Years leak proof warranty by using MAGURA Royal Blood. Please pay attention to the safety instructions on the packaging working with Royal Blood.
For all MAGURA disc and rim brakes.
Mr LewisThe only fluid to use in your magura brakes. Lower viscosity than other mineral fluid and using it will keep the warranty if ever your brakes develop a problem.
Mr hunterBought the litre size bottle as I have a few bikes with magura brakes, done 4 brake bleeds and hardly notice the bottles been opened, would highly recommend getting the 1 litre bottle
hardtailerOrdered the big bottle to keep on top of brake bleeds in the future. Barley made a dent on it after the first bleed after hose shortening. Recommend ordering a bleed kit to suit Maguras if you haven't already, my Avid and Shimano kit were not suitable.
Mr INGRAMIt’s not cheap, so don’t spill it. Quality product and ideal mineral oil for Magura brake system.
Mr RobinsonGreat product: suitable for all modern Magura hydraulic brakes. Recommend the 1ltr size as you will never need to panic buy next time you need a bleed...!!